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  1. So it would only make sense that we need to set things right again, yes?
  2. Sold out a week before the season. That board is a clusterfuk
  3. And an obvious downgrade with probably less than 1/4 of the features at that. Not sure how that's gonna go over.
  4. He literally JUST showed up at JI with a RANDOM ass post and that was kinda it. He hasn't been around there for years. One guy that always had me cracking up was Los Yets if anyone knew who that was.
  5. :hmm: that everyone LIKES you say?
  6. Actually... you may have been mentioned once or twice. Your new "fellow fans" are dumb as rocks.
  7. That's who I was thinking. LOL @ DWC... Weren't you a mad back in the day there? I remember your username, different av tho.
  8. And got married. He's seems pretty damn whipped, but appears to be handling it well.
  9. Wouldn't say I'm jumping ship, but I have my reasons to look elsewhere, other than what looks to be a massive clusterfuk clunker of a "board" at the new place. I'm gonna give it a try, and that would be great if it all goes like Sooth is saying, but we'll see soon enough. I've got a target on my back there as well and it's kinda pissing me off TBH. Randomly get a ban for no reason with no explanation. Must have gotten under someone special's skin. I don't expect I'd last very long at the new place if it's anything like it is, and has been forever. Haha. Honestly, I try to stay in the hampur there but I always get sucked out somehow. I seriously thought TX was dead btw.
  10. WO... I recognize a lot of these names from back when I was a lurker on JI. I guess this is where all those regulars went! Very nice to see familiar-ish posters and some other new refugee kin as well, because unless they perform some kind of miracle flip this house kinda sh*t, that scout site is a total disaster and a slap in the face to pull on everyone a week before the damn season starts with no warning! Glad I was tipped to this site because TGG fukin blows and that was about all I knew of. Really glad to see some familiar JI ppl here. The PHiSH?
  11. Wish we had them earlier in the season. Go figure when we don't play them in the first 2 weeks for once.
  12. Borgo has been AWOL for a very long time now. Many people have tried to bring him back. Try to lure him with the titties... even Asian. Crickets
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