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  1. But How bout when we pass on Sam and Rosie and pick Mayfield instead.
  2. I also think he will be the best of them bunch Do not want either of the Josh'es
  3. I hate to brake it to all you nobelman in here... but there is NO such thing as karma, as evidenced by the entire records of existence of human race, and also, every politician alive. Including Pantsuit Hero over there. So forget about karma. Not real.
  4. Yeah I got several different favorite foods I can eat so I'll give one up, fcuk it!
  5. pretty much how I'm fellin bro
  6. dude.... WHAT?! LOL I do know that Baker Mayfield is an extreme SJW tho so beware
  7. I dunno in that case he may be right. At the very least its interchangable. But I don't know him I don't think
  8. I agree. Helmet is 100x better too
  9. we would never be so lucky
  10. You make a great point I think about every time i see the damn show. I live in GA and no way in hell are you wearing half that sh*t down here. Its as if swamp ass died with the apocolypse. lol yeah right
  11. It is a very different show than it used to be. The yes man producer change absolutely destroyed everything that made it good. Dude is terrible and is in the wrong line of work IMO. He should be making commercials I wont watch
  12. Yep for some reason I got caught up with all this mess. Like I said before. No vision, no ideas, just terrible "writing" and really bad gimmicks.
  13. Nothing special what so ever. Carved up plastic clown face. Wood not hit.
  14. You lose interest in putting yourself on the line once you know the production is rigged and you got your pay in advance.
  15. I must have missed the part where the Jets were drafting QB in round 1 every year.. lol Sanchez was the last.... and that was quite some time ago.
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