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  1. Haha that was awesome. All around TBH. He wasn't hurt no way
  2. OOOOOH snap!!! LOL!!!!! I love that pasty basterd
  3. He wants to be a jet. Highest paid loafer in the league
  4. TBH I wish the Gronk well in that regard. He's a big ol dummy with an iron cheater arm but I don't wish him bad like I did Serial Killer Hernandez
  5. We WISH I would have so much more respect for him
  6. no way that chode ever posts here again
  7. Oh yay. Another fake @ss "record" for them to blather on about
  8. I'm not watching this farce! Refs march Brady to endzone in fake victory... Fake story about these cheating scumbags retiring..... lol... they have next years SB under contract as well, ya rubes.
  9. He should do it right ******* NOW and tell Cousins look we saved you, sign with us.
  10. He has his refs... nothing will ever change. Suckenburg will be Tom Brady if they want him too. Just heave it out there and the refs will complete it for you!
  11. Nothing about that is ok to me I skipped the entire season, did not watch one full game, and did not miss it at all mind you, because of the fury over Bowles refusing to play the young QBs and instead going with old man McCown.
  12. You should watch it. May need an external amp to actually hear it tho lol
  13. and would still be the best C on Jets lol Things are really lookin up alright!
  14. I tell ya I can't STAND Boston fans and is sure as shlt aint because I "aint dem" That is the last hunk of shlt I would wanna be. If I was one of them I would drown myself in the Baahston Haahbah after snacking on some tide pods and a few pints of bleach. In my favorite serial killer Aaron Hernandez jersey. He was so wicked awesome eh?
  15. we already no this my brotha... Question is what do they do after Cousins goes to Den. I heard someone mention we could trade for Semien...
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