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  1. At least he's looks like the Predator and has a cool LB. Makes up for being a birdbrain and being a scrub.
  2. Excellent news. Maybe they have a safety they can swap him for straight up. You cant have enough safties.
  3. You have to have some semblance of a professional football team. Enter Houdini center stage. It really doesn't matter if they go 01-16 or 2-14. With McCown, they will at least give the illusion that they're somewhat competitive. Losing 37- 17 looks a lot better than 37-3. McCown will at least sell tickets. Starting Petty or Hack will be obviously painful and pathetic. The writing is on the wall that Petty or Hack are NOT the answer. Yes they will both play, probably 5-6 games into the season. They can say, "Hey we gave them a shot and we're moving on". I really don't take much into account with the McCown signing. The metamorphosis has already begun. Pryor, Revis, Mangold, Harris, Marshall, Decker (soon), douchebag (I mean Geno), Gilchrist and more to follow. In 2018, Mac more than likely fires Bowles, drafts his franchise QB and continues to gut the roster. McCown might just stick around to mentor the new kid on the block in 2018. Somebody, with ample experience, has to do it.
  4. Insulting twit who has nothing better to do than be an insulting bitch. 

    1. Maxman


      Hey guys - please both of you put each other on ignore. Thanks.

  5. Cowher win like 10 games for 10 years in a row. No way Woody hires him. Woody's more apt to hire a guy like Fisher who has a mediocre record - 12 losing seasons in a 21 year career. My pick- Vince Lombardi
  6. Bite your tongue. The Browns with ALL those premium draft picks still don't have a QB. They let Carson Wentz slip right through their fingers which had to be the stupidest football decision made in countless years. In the last 19 years they have 2 winning records and typically finish with 2-5 wins. Talk about AWFUL. Get your QB and build around him. The Browns are as clueless as Inspector Clouseau.
  7. What if I hit you at 53 mph.
  8. Taking Watson over Adams would instantly classify you as a fluffer.
  9. Watson better than Darnold, Rosen, Allen? Better at what? Running a run and shoot offense? Yea but this is the NFL where arm strength, accuracy, vision, running a pro style offense are critical ingredients to succeed.
  10. And with the #1 pick in the 2018 NFL Draft The New York Jets select.........(BTW this is the GM that selected Christian Hackenberg in Rd 2).
  11. So the Raiders NEED Harris AND Decker to help beat us in the 2nd game of the season. Now I've heard everything.
  12. He had that renaissance with Chicago already. Since then, he's sucked.
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