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  1. 100% this. Let’s be real here, Watson sexually assaulted a lot of women. Unless this is some crazy next level conspiracy which I very much doubt, it happened. Gruden was crucified (and rightly so) for making offensive remarks in a private email, which while completely unacceptable is not even in the same stratosphere as what Watson has done. The idea this is just go away and Watson is going to trot out there for the Dolphins in a few weeks is insane to me.
  2. Luvu’s helmet went straight into the punters knee, how is that not roughing?
  3. The loss was on Belichick (Scumbag), taking a 56 yarder in the rain with noodle leg Folk, instead of going for it on 4th down when your QB just hit 19 in a row.
  4. Thanks for posting, think I’ll check both of those out. Ironically got tickets for Jersey boys on the sat night, should be an awesome weekend.
  5. That’s Jamals career to a T, routinely torched in coverage but the occasional splash sack and the announcers are blowing their loads over him.
  6. Loved this guys passion and aggressiveness, he was thumping guys all day.
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