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  1. Winters gets a lot of stick here and deservedly so but that first play he does a nice job of running his man outside and chipping the other rusher, Kahlil on the other hand nearly gets Darnold killed when he vacates his gap and is left floundering when the defender stunts down the middle.
  2. Why bother to cover when Falk can't throw further than 8 yards.
  3. Falk throws a very floaty weak ball, every pass I'm expecting a pick
  4. There was also a blatant face mask on Josh Allen right in front of the ref that was ignored.
  5. Brady picked off in the end zone, nice.
  6. That pick is going to be top 3, you trade down and pick up as many O-line and receiver prospects you can get. While I like Ramsey the player, he's just a luxury for this team at the moment.
  7. Because he's not as good as he should be. I remember the draft he was getting 'best player in the draft' labels and 'game changing player' and all that jazz, its never materialised on the field, and at this point I don't think it ever will.

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