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  1. Nick Blitz

    Next HC and Next GM — who ya got?

    For the love of god just give me an offensive guy.
  2. Anyone else hearing a flushing sound?
  3. Nick Blitz

    This is what we wanted, no?

    Not sure I want to take the risk of Bowles getting a few flukey wins and getting an undeserved reprieve. The sooner we get this buffoon away from Darnold the better.
  4. Bowles and Macc are both equally responsible for this dumpster fire, fire them both post-game.
  5. Nick Blitz

    Bills to start Barkley over Peterman

    Preparing myself for a 6-3 thriller.
  6. Nick Blitz

    Darnold in a walking boot. Not practicing.

    TB: Who’s Sam Darnold?
  7. The best thing to ever happen to Goff was Fisher getting fired. The worst thing that could happen to Darnold would be Bowles keeping his job.
  8. Yes he should be fired, for nothing else but the complete neglect of the offense for 4 years, and now we find ourselves with a potential franchise QB surrounded by garbage.
  9. Nick Blitz

    Did this game change your opinion on Darnold?

    He didn’t play well at all but as a 21yr old rookie he has been put into the worst situation possible. No receivers, no running game, awful offensive line with a center who can’t snap the ball and god awful play calling. With the complete dysfunction on offense it’s hard to get a read on his progress.
  10. Bowles is a dinosaur, for Darnold's sake lets move on.
  11. Nick Blitz

    Biggest Issue With Bowles

    Everything, and I mean everything needs to be built around Darnold now. No more D linemen in the 1st round or double dipping on safeties, we HAVE to build a team around him because in todays NFL everything is about passing offense. KC and the Rams are the new blueprint and the Jets have to get with the times and just dont see Bowles as the type of coach who will get it done.
  12. Nick Blitz

    Sam was really bad

    Sam wasn’t great but far from the main issue. Spencer Long was a complete liability messing up numerous plays, the rest of the offensive line wasn’t much better especially Winters who was pushed back into Sams face on multiple occasions. Outside of Herndon skill position play was dire, Powell going out was a big loss since Crowell has looked slow and pedestrian since getting hurt, yet Bowles continues to play him instead of giving Cannon a shot. Recievers wise, Sam was throwing to career special teamers Peake and Roberts which says it all about the state of our receiver corps.
  13. Nick Blitz


    Anderson has been a great pick up.

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