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  1. Zolak is the epitome of obnoxious Pasts douchbaggery, If anyone listens to the ATN podcast this guy gets his homer radio calls ripped apart all the time.
  2. Considering the rock bottom talent of this roster he's progressing far better than people give him credit for, Completion % and TDs are up from last year and Ints are down, what more can you ask for? Doing better than Mayfield thats for sure.
  3. Booing at Foxboro, what entitled babies.
  4. Darnold needs to take the easier option sometimes, far too often he's looking for the magic pass instead of taking the first down.
  5. Just when you think the O line turned things around they come out with this garbage, can't run block, can't pass protect and lay down 5 killer penalties, awful.

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