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  1. I’ll add 3) Throws ducks off his back foot when getting pressure up the middle.
  2. I’ll be rooting for Sam to do well, the unlikely but ideal scenario is that Sam plays like a man possessed the rest of the season making the TL debate moot and landing us with a nice trade down haul or Chase.
  3. Please, he ‘deserves’ nothing. He had a good HC and was on a good offense in Pitt then cryed his way out of town due to greed. Cry me a river with all the Bell sympathy.
  4. IF he pulls an Eli (I’m not convinced he will) then move on and trade that pick for the biggest haul in NFL history and build around Sam. In my eyes we’re in a win-win scenario so long as we lose out and fire Gase at the end of the season.
  5. So if he stays in school where better does he think he’ll end up going no 1? Jacksonville? Detroit? Washington?, all have been arguably worse than the jets over the last decade.
  6. Holy sh*t is Flacco serious, at least try and pretend you’re not trying to tank.
  7. Only losers would turn their nose up at an NFL franchise because it’s ‘not a comfortable situation for them’. If you’re getting picked number one you’re going to an awful team, it’s just how it is. Things can change quickly in the NFL, get rid of Gase and have a few decent drafts and we’re on the right path.
  8. IF he does then we’ll have dodged a bullet since he’s a big puss who doesn’t have the competitive drive to turn this team around.
  9. Wait, so Jones is still under evaluation but Herbert and Burrow are studs?? Yeah that makes sense...
  10. Nothing to add other than fire Gase, Loggains and the entire medical staff asap. What an embarrassment of a season, this is rock bottom.
  11. Good, Chris Johnson should be embarrassed.

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