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  1. This, Is this kid for real? Does he think he doesn’t stink? His attitude is bizarre.
  2. If we were 3-7 and had no chance of a playoff spot I would agree. However the team is ahead of where anyone thought it would be at this point and has a legit playoff shot. Continuing with Zach no matter what is short sighted, bigger picture is what’s best for the team right now, and right now he’s hurting this team.
  3. After 20 games I see no improvement from Zach’s game. Even if he had elevated his game to average that would be acceptable but he hasn’t and is playing at such a poor level he is costing the team wins. His lack of accountability is just icing on the cake for me.
  4. Our window is open next season, bring in a Vet (Carr, Garrapolo) and draft a guy to sit. The defence looks so dominant we only need middling QB play to make a serious run.
  5. Pennington off season martial arts training to strengthen his core, gonna come back next season with a cannon… Good times
  6. Possibly very serious, him and Denzel go to the same fish guy.
  7. A cardboard cut-out of Chuma Edoga is better than Chuma Edoga.
  8. It’s about measuring success based on expectations, this year we were going suck no matter what based on our young roster devoid of star talent, rookie QB and inexperienced coaching staff. However guys are getting valuable experience and we’ve seen big contributions from virtually all the rookies which compared to classes of previous years is fantastic. Zach Wilson also to be actually progressing and making strides every game. Long term big picture id say this was a successful season.
  9. Can’t help but be impressed by his development. His ball placement has come on leaps and bounds, those lasers over the middle today were perfectly placed.
  10. 22 year old rookie QB balls out and almost knocks off the defending champs with a JV supporting cast and this is the narrative? Just unbelievable. Zach and the whole team should be getting a pat on the back for playing a great game they had no business getting anywhere near the win.
  11. Par for the course for those 3, they always go negative take on Wilson. Wilson plays arguably his best game as a pro and makes one possible error at the end and that’s the talking point?
  12. Deflating loss, but can’t help but feel a hell of a lot of optimism. Zach played very very well against a good D, and the defence did a decent job in a game they were completely outmatched in. The loss of Fant and Carter really hurt us in that second half though.
  13. I think Elijah Moore is the one to break it.
  14. Seattle currently blowing up JDs phone.
  15. So you want to replace the the NFLs kick off return leader and quality depth receiver with a random practice squad RB?……
  16. Why the hell are you so obsessed over Berrios? He’s a good reliable returner and 4th receiver who we pay very little, in fact extend his ass! Kid actually shows up and contributes.
  17. The fact the defence couldn’t get off the field the entire 3rd quarter didn’t help with his lacklustre 2nd half performance but 1st half I liked what I saw.
  18. ‘Best in the nation’……at self promotion
  19. It’s the ball placement that concerns me, even on his completions there were too many balls low or high.
  20. Can’t believe the refs didn’t review the Allen fumble, clearly it came out.
  21. LaFleur better in the booth? Absolutely Zach is just too raw to effectively run the offense, sitting behind White for a while will hopefully do him some good. At least it’s now obvious this offensive system works when run correctly.
  22. Absolutely, the years of crap we have to endure make days like this all the more sweeter, right now let’s just enjoy this.
  23. The two plays that stood out to me were the Kroft TD and following 2pt conversion. Slow developing plays and the Oline was a wall.
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