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  1. I get ya dude, but as Jets fans we really have to find joy anywhere we can get it.
  2. This Mac Jones implosion is absolutely delicious after the media ball washing contest he got this week.
  3. This Mims obsession is out of control. And I’m a Mims fan.
  4. Youngest team in the league Playing the most rookies in the league Rookie QB, OC and head coach Multiple injuries 2 weeks in Played a good Panthers team close, got blown out by Pats (to be expected) Some folk need to really re-think their expectations vs reality.
  5. I would have thought next man up would be Grant Hermanns from the PS, had a decent pre-season albeit against 3rd stringers.
  6. This is horrible, how about a RB screen? Something to slow down the rush, make an adjustment for crying out loud.
  7. “You see Zach, the key to a good headband is matching it with your eye colour…”
  8. Think Lawrence took a few sacks and fumbled which is factored into the grade. Also might be be due to the clutch factor on the throws, with Zach converting a few times on 3rd down.
  9. This defence has top 5 potential, if Zach WAS lighting it up every practice I’d be concerned.
  10. I’m not, but I’ll look into that. Worth doing in your opinion?
  11. All in on Cardano right now, already doubled in value from when I bought in a few months back, seems like a solid long term coin.
  12. By all accounts this a deep O line class, Im sure there will be guys available at #23 and in the 2nd and third who would be an upgrade over the less than stellar guys we have now. One of Dillon Radunz, Cosmi, Eichenburg and Tevan Jenkins will most likely be in play at #23 and possibly at the top of the 2nd and thats just the tackles.
  13. Don't make the same mistake with Wilson like with Darnold. Draft as much offensive talent as possible, interior O line, then RT should be absolutely paramount. Even if we end up being the worst defence in the league the next few years it doesn't matter, all that matters is developing Wilson. So it would be a no to a CB in the first.
  14. Also a UK Jet fan who was at that game and could not agree more. The game itself was fantastic but the atmosphere and setting was arse. I only had one other Jet fan near me and we’d reach over people for a high 5 after a score but every one else around sat in silence seemingly confused. Fingers crossed post-COVID I can get over to NJ for the real deal.
  15. It makes zero sense to run it back with the worst QB in the NFL over the last 3 seasons. Fields or Wilson I don't mind either, but going into next season with Sam would be an absolute disaster.
  16. Agreed, the moves the Pats are making reek of desperation. Not sure what their plan is to be honest, try and satiate their fanbase by throwing money at anyone? and then bringing back Cam who can barely throw anymore? makes no sense.
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