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  1. So just to be clear; Joe Brady is a Matt Rhule staff member. We’re considering hiring a Rhule staffer as our head coach.  The guy we literally told 24 months ago that “we don’t trust that you can assemble an NFL staff”... and we prepared to potentially offer said staff member a HCing job. 
    got it. 


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  2. It must be nice to have that kind of time and those receivers. Good news is we' re in a position to really improve our talent level this off season. We' re getting close to being a top flight defense. We need to go all out in free agency and get one of those top receivers

    Let’s hope for the best

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  3. Lol. With respect. But still. Lol. Allen elevated his game at the same time Cole Beasley and Stephan Diggs arrived. Coincidence. Hell no. These guys run great routes, get open, and catch the ball. Without that, a young QB, tries to play hero, and forces the issue. Of course the playcalling makes a difference too. Mcdermott vs Gase. No contest.

    Amazing how much time Allen has to throw the damn ball!

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  4. When the play has 5 blockers and the defense brings 6 its on the qb to either make a hot read or audible

    Flacco can do this by the way

    Darnold selects option C panic and other defenses keep blitzing until he inevitably turns it over

    Jets Fans who believe in the darnold would rather blame the line for letting a free rusher thru the gap than blame the qb for not handling the pressure

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    Seems to simple for this to happen so often. It happened with Flacco as well..

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  5. Or the qb

    When you start darnold who can't read defense and doesn't handle pressure, teams blitz more and the line gets blamed

    The titans fans blamed their Taylor lewan line to defend mariota etc

    It's common among the people who buy qb jerseys to blame it all on the line. Sometimes it's valid but not always.

    Here's the list by the way off Jets ol starts

    Shell starts RT for Sea
    Beachum starts RT for Arz
    Dozier starts LG for Min

    The following players rotation or start due to injury

    K osemele started LG for KC went on IR
    Winters rotates RG in BUF (benched last 2 weeks)
    Oday Aboushi starts for Vaitai in DET
    Calvin Anderson even got a rt start for Denver

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    How many times will the Jets allow a free rusher through the a gap?

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  6. Defense was better last year but not this season. Why do you think their opponents WR’s are so open so often? They have too many blown assignments for a pro team. Even Desir, a veteran was blowing assignments at an alarming rate.

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  7. It was a terrible call, but what’s the narrative if Carr hits the play before? This is dumb 

    Two plays highlighted by poor execution. They let The wr split the zone and the last play the blitz wasn’t even run correctly. Why didn’t GW call the timeout when he saw two blitzers so far off the line?

    Seems like the defense has been having many of these flubs throughout the season. I know they have no talent but at least run the plays correctly.

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  8. I think when the Jets went from Kacy Rodgers to GW you get a false sense of how good GW is. He’s a component DC but there were games, even with little talent that the defense looked awful.

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  9. I was as big of a Sam Fan out there, bought the jersey and all. But he threw for 186 yards, 3 TTD, 1 INT, and 2 Fumbles. That should not be a good game for a Franchise QB. If Mahomes put up that performance the media would be all over how it was his first "bad" football game. 

    I get it but considering how he played this season it was a good game for Sam. I can’t kill him for the fumbles.

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  10. One thing about that Pittsburgh organization; they sure do know when someone is finished and when the time has come to cut bait. Neil O'Donnell comes off a Super Bowl and goes to The Jets and he ends up looking and playing like Al Woodall. Lev Bell leaves the Steelers b/c of $$ and signs with the Jets holding the best TPC average IN THE HISTORY OF THE GAME,  Then he takes a year off and with fresh legs and a fresh body comes here and turns into an old man. How does that happen to the Jets time and time again?

    They did offer him a good contract albeit the guaranteed money was lower.

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