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  1. I just heard his post game conference on SNY. Didn’t like what I heard. I’ve been a true believer in this guy even when he was at USC and hoped he’d land with the Jets. But he came across really passionless, boring and methodical. No anger, no humility, no desire.   [mention=33560]JTJet[/mention] hit me right between the eyes when he described how he grew up and said Darnold’s bitch ass needs to man up. Absolutely correct. I’m done with this yo yo. He’ll eventually get traded, probably play decently with a better team but doubt he’ll ever be anything more than an average QB. 

    I saw the video, first time I’ve seen him like this. I don’t blame the guy for not wanting to talk about his awful game. Again, perfect time to prove his mettle...

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  2. Hate Gase all you want but the players have to take responsibility. WTF was Darnold thinking

    Why again did the Jets ask for Sam’s input on the HC? When Gase heard this he must of said this organization is a joke, let me get myself a job. I’m curious if he spoke to Ruhle as well? I bet Ruhle didn’t sweet talk him for a second..

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  3. If this is remotely true you are ALREADY fired!
    No way your boss is interviewing replacements like this and you stay.
    If true, what it tells me is that the Jets had to win this past Sunday (or look competitive) and win on Thursday, and because of what happened yesterday the Thursday option is off the table.
    So if true.......Gase is GONE! 

    Remember, there were rumors he was talking to some coaches while Bowles was still employed. Wouldn’t surprise me one bit.

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  4. I dont put too much stock in PFF, but this seemed relevant since Sam was crucified in wk1 based on the their ratings...
    He was NOT the issue this week IMHO, and I hope he builds some rapport with the ragtag receiver group he is throwing to and we can see some more success.

    It’s too bad he doesn’t have a legit WR.

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  5. this is scary... gase is brainwashing him.  On top of that hes addressing the media like gase does.    From a point where they are smarter snd know more, so regardless of how idiotic their answer is, they beleive theyre own bs.

    From the start, with the FaceTime nonsense I had a bad feeling. I can’t blame Darnold completely here since Gase punked CJ first. Why, would you have input from a 21 year old player to pick a coach is mind numbing.

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