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  1. From Walter football:

    Here is how one top scout from a pass-rush-needy team summarized Willis, "Manufactured workout warrior. Solid backup type who can earn starts, but doesn't show same explosiveness on tape to feel he is going to wreck shop versua NFL blockers. Willis is workman-like and blue collar. If he's a starter, he's along the Clark Haggans, Brian Robison, Alex Okafor, Rob Ninkovich type. Willis tested better than Brian Orakpo, Ryan Kerrigan and Derrick Morgan, but he isn't near as explosive an athlete or player on tape as those guys were coming out."

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  2. the people who know everything that are now declaring QW a bust forever they were saying Bosa quit his last year in college and had injury issues

    I recall that. The hate his brother got on here was just as amusing. Yeah his last name ends in a vowel so you know he isn’t good kind of thing...

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  3. It's a shame the season ended after mono and MNF.  Would have been nice to see him take the team on a little run, maybe go like 6-2 over the last half of the season or something encouraging like that. 


    Lol. I’m a Sam fan. Just expressing what I read and hear from the talking heads. The hype isn’t the same. He needs to prove himself, that’s all.



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  4. Na, I'll look for the article but that's been the biggest problem with Cleveland.
    Granted, I agreed with the Kitchens firing. I was supportive of it when it happened, but when watching the games you knew this guy wasn't ready for the responsibility. 
    I did have a problem with the Dorsey firing, but I heard that he didn't want to fire Dorsey, but change his complete control. Which from the inside, hiring Kitchens warrants such a response by ownership afterwards. However Dorsey didn't want that so they decided to part ways. 
    If Haslam was even a mediocre Owner, he would get a pass on this because in a vacuum I understand the move...but man, add this along with his past decisions.
    This guy is making a case on why he's worse than the Johnson's

    Speculation from scouts who know Dorsey is a good talent evaluator but has burned a lot of bridges and is not trustworthy.

    Greg Williams isn’t an angel either but snubbing him for Kitchens was weird.

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