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  1. The Bills know they’re limited at QB. They try to get a quick TD, run Allen, run the ball and throw a couple of bombs, trying to catch the opposing secondary sleeping. Yesterday was no different. Trick play to get a TD and run the same script, hoping their defense can hold.



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  2. Even the most optimistic fans had this team going 10-6 or 9-7 if the team had no major injuries and some luck. Instead we lost Sam for 3 games, Mosley for the entire season, Enunwa entire season, Herndon entire season, horrible o-line, etc and the team finished 7-9. With a decent FA, draft, and better health next year this team should be at least challenging for the playoffs next yr.

    This can easily be accepted but you have to admit some weird things were going on. Not talking to players? Seemed to disconnect himself from the team when Sam was out. Losing to Miami and Cincinnati.

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