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  1. Lol, CJ is the least of the Jets problems.
  2. Yeah and play in NY not NJ with the NJ Giants...
  3. Sure, see the "official Bears game thread". Thx
  4. Damn, Mangold and Brick will be gone by then and their back to square one. Oh well
  5. The Bears can score on you no doubt but their secondary was bad before the injuries. As bad as the Bears secondary is the Jets WR's were just as bad.
  6. Of course but the lack of offense was inexcusable. Again the offense, not just Geno.
  7. I'm not blaming it all on Geno but that was accurate. Two weeks in a row the offense has not done its part when it counts. I gave them a pass last week but this week is all on the offense. The refs did effect the outcome but 7 times inside the 25 and one TD? Last weeks 2nd half offense carried over tonight.
  8. As bad as the GB game. What 7 times inside the 25 and one TD?
  9. It is I gave the offense a pass last week but you could say the didn't do sh*t in the second half...
  10. Well that too. Honestly the Jets need the offense to win games not just be a passengers. This game exemplifies this as the defense has kept them in the game.
  11. Say what you want the defense isn't the reason their losing!
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