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  1. The GB loss makes the Jets loss last week as frustrating as ever.
  2. Lukas Sutter looking to make it out of camp. 2014 7th round pick after reentering the draft.
  3. This is surprising. This is a big game for Rex.
  4. Remember too though that passes defensed count as well but I agree their aren't many. Didn't they miss one in each game so far?
  5. Wait you don't recall him getting his first NHL goal against who else? I vaguely recall hearing he was over drafted by the Wild.... Snow has had some luck finding players in the "dump".
  6. I hope the Jets are winning so I can enjoy Gruden's Jets hyperbole instead of the Bears hyperbole.
  7. So far he's better than last year. As with any player in any sport I look at year 3 and beyond. Sustained performance not just a one year wonder or two or three good years. "If" Geno remains competitive this year the Jets at least are not looking for a top QB in this years draft.
  8. Working in KY on road trips I saw that too. Indiana suburbs especially nice. Yeah they knew I was from Brooklyn right away but I enjoyed it..
  9. Agreed. What I assumed would be a mismatch wasn't. I'm not sure why some are blaming CJ, as if getting tackled behind the LOS was ALL his fault. Look at the video, they knew the running play before the snap. Add to that as someone else mentioned they changed up their line. Even down 21-3 they out maneuvered MM yet they lost because of a bad Milliner play and a great catch by Jordy. The more I think about the game the more I get frustrated. That game was weird on so many levels...
  10. Well yeah but I'm talking on the defense side.
  11. Other than no penalty against GB during the skirmish the Jets didn't make enough plays. End of story. Honestly I'm getting tired of these players not making plays when they need to.
  12. I did too with the assumption they would win in the trenches which they didn't. TBO I don't know what to expect Monday...
  13. Yes same point but it wasn't prevent. Like I said in the post above yours the Babbin RTP penalty didn't help...
  14. You think they caught them off guard and couldn't make enough adjustments? The lack of running game did the Jets in.
  15. Considering the Jets didn't draft a WR high Amaro's lack of production so far is disappointing.
  16. BTW the defense didn't pull back on that TD prior to the half, no prevent. Babbin's RTP penalty was kinda big in that drive....
  17. Thing is Mo is respected and from all reports owned it so I don't see it happening. There were a few communication issues Sunday. Again Rex didn't deny it so at least he's hiding it. We shall see what happens in the future..
  18. Its not just the flags its all the confusion you see out there. Some of these guys don't seem interested in being there.
  19. Mike T wanted Percy too, just couldn't get the right deal in the draft...
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