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  1. Wait you're not blaming Rex for Shottys supposed ineptitude? I'm confused...
  2. Unfortunately rule changes are rarely reversed. What annoys me is they are voted on by the teams so what the **** are they doing?
  3. Leave Sanjay alone already..[emoji48]
  4. So the Jets want a coach that is supposedly not "all in" at SFO?
  5. I would like to know why MM didn't change up the run blocking scheme when it was obvious they knew the plays?
  6. I can't disagree with the additional player on the field BS although that was kinda close. MM was responsible for the TO and hysteria on the sidelines. Rex is far from perfect but I can't blame this loss on him as I originally did.
  7. No way only Rex is responsible for players not making plays. Let's be honest their 0-2 because Luck hasn't played "great"...
  8. Saw his PC, he looked like a beaten man...
  9. This. Players need to make a ******* play. Watching that second half I was saying Rex didn't have a great game but after calming down the players let Rex down. AA missed at least 3 tackles for little gain. Pryor was bad. The OL made AJ hawk look all world. I couldn't believe how many times CJ was tackled behind the LOS. It seemed like GB knew the exact play was coming.
  10. The Millner play killed the Jets and Pryor has been late on a few occasions.
  11. So you want to blame Rex for the bad Millner play? Nelson made a terrific catch on one and beat Millner on the other. Those two plays singlehandedly beat the Jets Sunday with no running game. Players need to make plays!
  12. It didn't help but again how GB stopped the running game is beyond me.
  13. What made him look good last week made him look bad Sunday, tackling. I recall two receptions where he missed the tackle that moved the chains.
  14. I agree the run game was disappointing. I will eat crow since I believed the Jets could win this game in the trenches.
  15. The Atlantic puffin forms part of the national diet in Iceland, where the species does not have legal protection. Puffins are hunted by a technique called "sky fishing", which involves catching low-flying birds with a big net. Their meat is commonly featured on hotel menus. The fresh heart of a puffin is eaten raw as a traditional Icelandic delicacy
  16. Could be an exciting season. Not happy their leaving LI and I'm from Brooklyn! They have depth at FWD now with the trades moving players to third line where they belong. Looking forward to an even better year from KO..
  17. I doubt the Post & News read the Times so I may email the link to them...
  18. Simms looked better than last year this PS until the eagles game. Disappointing considering it was against the 4/5's.
  19. Brick and Breno will be tested no doubt. I bet GB is hanging their hats on these matchups. We shall see..
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