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  1. I heard Rex say his ankle can't get any worse as its just about the pain threshold. If it bothers him they'll just pull him out.
  2. After reading some of the quotes I find this disturbing. Beating a 4 year old makes me sick! FU AP
  3. Last week the MLB's were great on the rush blitz. Hopefully it continues...
  4. Yeah its difficult to get into something you have no interest in..
  5. One of the few I'm interested in viewing. Tonight @9:00 if anyone else cares..
  6. Other than having an awful PS game against the Eagles not sure why either. He was decent in sub's but maybe they wanted to see what McFadden could bring.
  7. I have the latest version so I dunno. Thx
  8. So far so good other than my dumb Tapatalk being weird.
  9. I got it. You're right and hope it continues.
  10. Still Vick doing the Harvin thing you know... They think its the wild cat and there he goes. Use the same formation like last week...[emoji48]
  11. Yes they have. I believe the Jets will get a WC berth, effectively beating the teams vying for it. The Bolts are one of them...
  12. I was surprised he missed that one, he was right there.
  13. He'll be limited if he plays. Better than nothing..
  14. A lot of hedging huh? Let's be honest this is a game the Jets should win. GB has some issues that exemplify the Jets strengths. <br /> Seems like the Jets secondary is overwhelming eliminating any chance they have.
  15. The Jets a a couple of Guards in for tryouts yesterday.
  16. You could sense some are waiting for the Jets to implode as soon as Sunday as if the Raiders game was some friendly match..<br /> <br /> Book it, you'll either get the "I told I you so" or GB has a lot of injuries. The Jets won't get much respect for a few weeks.<br /> <br /> We shall see...
  17. BTW Dixon signed to Tampa's 53 a couple of days ago. Probably their 4/5 CB..
  18. From the players video clips today they're owning up to them... We shall see.
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