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  1. Cleared Cache, didn't work. Also cleared data, same. I've only posted on one forum with this app and didn't have a problem. Oh well. Thanks for your help though.
  2. I dunno, tried uninstalling it, no joy. Thx for checking.
  3. Remember the six game suspension can be a longer suspension when circumstances warrant. His actions definitely fall into that category...
  4. Definitely, the Giants overpaid. What was he the third on the list of FA CB's they went after? Some kill JI but he did try to improve the back end, it just didn't match up financially. I'm curious on McFadden...
  5. Average/above average although he looks bad tonight. He can play press but can be fooled as well, average+. I agree he isn't worth that money and JI did the right thing.
  6. Pistol offense + RB's. First games rarely tell the future but I hope you they stick with it.
  7. Anyone else having an issue editing post via Tapatalk? Keep getting "No data in master skin"..
  8. They run a lot of Pistol where the read option can be very effective. The Raiders were a perfect opponent to run these plays for future consideration without losing the game.
  9. Looks like he played well in coverage.
  10. They couldn't spread it because Carr would've been hit way more. They were throwing quick slants at Allen all they and he knew what to do. Allen was fundamental, knew the markers and kept the receivers in front of him. Those quick hits were 2-3 before the marker. Easy as 1-2-3...
  11. Lol. Who says CJ doesn't run between the tackles? He ran hard at a 5 YPA. That shovel pass was priceless taking Woodson into the EZ with him. <br /> <br /> This backfield can be dominant but if Geno continues to improve the play action will kill!
  12. Trading next years first rd. pick for a WR is bad enough but to do it when your team is bad was just dumb.
  13. So SAR is here and gets the same BS attention he had there...
  14. Conspiracy theories are interesting but if Rex gets canned this one will not go away fast..
  15. I saw that but it may have failed since not everyone received the email..
  16. I recognize many of you guys from JI that left for this site years ago. Heck, I may have signed up here as well back than. Anyway read this board on and off because it was mobile optimized!
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