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  1. I'll give you average.

    He wanted and got much better than average money though. That's why I didn't disagree with Idzik. You don't overpay when you aren't looking at a sure thing or don't have alternatives. If he didn't think DRC was worth it then he should have passed like he did. Time will tell if he's right or the Giants

    Definitely, the Giants overpaid. What was he the third on the list of FA CB's they went after?

    Some kill JI but he did try to improve the back end, it just didn't match up financially.

    I'm curious on McFadden...

  2. The bitterness stems from the fact he literally tried to DUPE people into transitioning over to Scout by merely having to Xfer their accnt via an email entry into Scout's system. ........HELLO SPAM & MASS Marketing emails. WTF?!?!? That's some COLD-BLOODED $hit right there - manipulating our OBSESSIVE FANDOM for this team and JetFan interaction into a client mailing list for marketing purposes.

    So.......excited for Sunday's Opener, fellas !??!?!?! :animal0029:

    I saw that but it may have failed since not everyone received the email..

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