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    Beating New England "can't wait"
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    Watching Doug Brien's 2 FG misses in college surrounded by Steelers fans

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  1. love the green pants with white top look with the old uni's, never understood the hate for them.
  2. Brady has been the thorn in our side. I want to beat Brady. Belichick and the Pats are not worthy opponents without Brady. It would be nice to beat them especially after ZWs poor showing, some redemption for him would be nice. But Brady is the source pain for the last 20, especially being defending champs again.
  3. Are you serious!? Obviously you have not looked at his pace.
  4. I was wondering the same thing, what's the record for the number of games a team goes without an INT. weird.
  5. major lol here. so sad. so true. and tbh, we even screw this up by not drafting them when we need them.
  6. that being said, I'd trade my left-ball for this TE group on this season's team.
  7. I didn't see him play, because I was born in 1984, but his stats make him look like a lethal weapon compared to the crew up there:
  8. Blanks to share the fun, and as far as the greatest in the NAYtion goes, that's why he got
  9. next we should do the all-time "ones who got away team" showing people we passed on that people were clamoring for that have had great careers.
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