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  1. I'm glad he's off the merry-go-round, but IMO Bowles/ Mac are the worst tandem of the past regimes to finally learn this lesson with, I have very little faith in both of them. Would have preferred he stuck with Rex and Tanny.
  2. I'm only 31 so I didn't watch Walker/ Toon and those guys. I only included guys I watched play. Keyshawn, Chrebet, Marshall, Coles, Cotchery (giving him up, one of the worst FO moves of the last decade)
  3. I wouldn't pin this on the Rex era. I've been a Jets fan all my life (31 years old), and as far back as I can remember, roughly the 1996 1-15 season under Kotite, the Jets have often laid embarrassing eggs when playing on "prime time," like the 49-19 thanksgiving "butt fumble" stomping.
  4. this is great news that the game isn't flexed. Jets always play better with as little spotlight on them as possible. I prefer they not know the result of the Pitt game, they need to focus on their business only.
  5. Marshall reminds me of Braylon Edwards, when he was at his best with us. But even better. Should have been throwing more all night. But at least we have a good lead. Can't complain!
  6. i haven't had time to follow things closely these days, what happened to Walls?
  7. thanks for the Welcome, looking forward to seeing what Jet Nation is all about!

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