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  1. That is the worst list I've ever heard in my life Tom. Yes, this is horrible...this list.
  2. Agreed. That is worst case scenario. I'd also consider Samuel Cosmi/ maybe even Dillon Radunz at 23 (thought that is a bit of a reach) - or trade back a bit. If all that is impossible then I guess I'd consider either Etienne/ Williams/ Harris (in that order) or the best available EDGE/ CB. But I really want one of those o line guys hoping one slips through to us.
  3. I am HIGHLY against the trade up option from 23. Watching it unfold in the mock draft with all the great players that have been taken in rounds 2 and 3 with the Jets not having the picks to really rebuild their roster has really cemented it for me. We have to build a legitimate oline before getting cute: 2. Obviously has to be ZW at this point 23. Jenkins or Vera Tucker 34. Wyatt Davis or Humphrey then take BPA value players at RB, WR, TE, LB, EDGE and CB after that as they drop
  4. this may be my favorite yet. 2. Zach Wilson QB BYU 23. Teven Jenkins OT Oklahoma State 34. Wyatt Davis OG Ohio State 66. Nick Bolton LB Missouri 86. Paulson Adebo CB Stanford 107. Trill Williams CB Syracuse
  5. looks like alim mcneil got taken twice in the selection thread (EDIT: nevermind I see it was the same GM)
  6. This is why I've had my eye on guys like Trill Williams, Paulson Adebo, Benjamin St. Juste rather then the top tier guys. This is great news for us as we should be able to draft o-line with our higher picks.
  7. This is the most sane post I've read here all year. The problem, at this point, is definitely (primarily) the fans. The only question is which came first, the impatient, immature fans or was it the terrible owners, coaching, and management that made us this way over the years. Classic chicken or egg. A logical case can be made for many different options including running it back with Sam, and the fans should be able to simply get behind whatever choice is made and cheer for their team. It's too bad the fans have to be factored in so much. This is why we can't have nice things.
  8. sign this beast - he'd be a perfect fit here.
  9. 2009 Honda Odyssey - life with 4 kids.
  10. Ran a mock a couple of times knowing that Zach Wilson is the likely pick while still keeping in mind that we will be rebuilding the o-line, love the results in both here. Cosmi + Davis would be fantastic if we can work it. Creed Humphrey or Dillon Radunz would be great options as well. Attempt # 1 2. Zach Wilson QB, BYU 23. Samuel Cosmi OT, Texas 34. Wyatt Davis IOL, Ohio State 66. Brevin Jordan TE, Miami 86. Amon-Ra St. Brown WR, USC 107. Trill Williams CB, Syracuse 146. Patrick Jones II EDGE, Pittsburgh 154. Chuba Hubbard RB, Oklahoma State 1
  11. I think you're right. Based on the new system, like RB, I think they may add some CBs in the 3rd-5th rounds. People like Paulson Adebo or Trill Williams, or even Benjamin St Juste
  12. Chubba Hubbard in the 4th or 5th makes the most sense for us if we're going to draft a RB.
  13. this is a wise course of action and makes even more sense if there is in fact a difference of opinion between JD and Coaching Staff. It's a nice compromise.
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