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  1. It is crazy to me that this overwhelming lack of experience continues to be sold as a good thing as if it's some sort of cutting-edge-anti-wisdom - maybe this would work in the bizarro world?. Next we're going to be told that having a lack of overall skill/ talent is actually a good thing that only the coolest HCs employ. Experience matters, and we have a huge deficiency here. What about hiring John Beck for a QB Coach position, wasn't he ZW's mentor leading up to the draft? Pennington? anyone?
  2. the more I think about this worse it gets - imagine asking this baby face kid to lead your franchise and you put him in this situation where he is holding out as a rookie - this is devastating towards his efforts to earn the respect of the vets. this is worst-case-scenario for the Jets hope of not being the SOJ. how can they be this obtuse?
  3. This move by the FO is so indefensible that it almost seems like it's on purposely stupid, a conspiracy to keep Jets fans in despair. Get your tinfoil hats out folks, no one could truly be this insane. There is simply no sane, rational argument to be made to justify not only the optics of this, but the actually football fallout from having your rookie QB franchise savior miss snaps when White and Morgan are you only backup plan. It is truly flabbergasting. But sadly feels comfortable and familiar.
  4. Don't worry guys, missing the start of training camp isn't an indicator of future success. I mean it's not like he's going to be unprepared for the start of the season and throw a pick 6 on his first career pass utterly ruining is future confidence permanently or anything...I mean that would be ridiculous and not like anything a Jet would ever do.
  5. inexcusable. utter failure. outrage. soj. everything sucks.
  6. pick 6 on first career NFL throw. oh wait.
  7. seems like they're trying to justify their pick after it took a ton of heat for being one of the worst picks in the first round since they did not need a RB but have needs almost everywhere else.
  8. McGovern and Fant - I think our Oline will surprise a lot of people.
  9. I hate to be that guy...but should we be concerned that his helmet is smaller than the QB and WRs????
  10. I think I heard that they can change early but there would be some kind of fine or fee.
  11. disagree, check out his comments here. Sounds like the boys replied with "challenge accepted"
  12. thanks to Messier's leadership. He needs to be HC or President moving forward.
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