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  1. disagree, check out his comments here. Sounds like the boys replied with "challenge accepted"
  2. thanks to Messier's leadership. He needs to be HC or President moving forward.
  3. Carter and Gainwell remind me of Leon Washington
  4. We need to pounce on Jabril Cox, I really like Michael Carter but we can get other RBs later in the round, there are basically no LBers left. I think McGrone is still on the board but Cox is a great fit for this defense. The Miami TE is too much of a luxury that we cannot afford right now. TE can wait a year.
  5. really dislike picking a slot receiver so high. would have much preferred JOK, Jenkins, Javonte, or a trade down getting another WR.
  6. I've literally changed my mind like 50 times today on what to do at 34. I'll be happy with most options, there are a few things that I will not like such as taking any CB in this spot. I will barf if we try to grab Asante Samuel Jr.
  7. If we were 3-4 I'd be all over Ojulari - but I just don't see it in a 4-3. But then again I have no idea what I'm talking about and am just a fan. lol.
  8. If you look at what Notre Dame did last year JOK regularly lined up in the slot against WRs and covered them well. He is a unique player that does not need to come off the field in what would be a traditional Nickle package.
  9. I could be talked into a trade back if we're blown away in this sellers market type situation.
  10. JOK is to Defense what Pitts is to Offense. Not saying HOF caliber. But what I am saying is that he's a weapon/ tool/ matchup nightmare. I'm firmly on the JOKer train.
  11. This was my position also before we dumped those 3rds. I guess if we can swing a trade down that nets us a 3rd so we can grab a Moore and a Werner/ Bolton/ Moses/ Surratt/ McGrone/ Cox I could get behind that.
  12. I really think we've overlooked just how serious of a need LB is on our team right now. I know we need guys that can score touchdowns, but someone like Elijah Moore seems like a luxury we can't afford when our LB depth chart looks like this: (and most people on here want to dump Mosley) This is the weakest group on the team.
  13. Great video breaking down why JOK is a perfect fit for the Jets and Jeff Ulbrich's defense: https://www.si.com/college/notredame/football/notre-dame-nfl-draft-jeremiah-owusu-koramoah-jim-mora
  14. You'll have to know how to use him. Jim Mora specifically mentioned Jeff Ulbrich, DC of the Jets, as one of the guys who would know exactly how to use him in this video, that is very worthwhile viewing. https://www.si.com/college/notredame/football/notre-dame-nfl-draft-jeremiah-owusu-koramoah-jim-mora
  15. Couldn't agree more. I never considered JOK much because I never thought he'd be a realistic option and I wanted to go o-line first. Also, there were good LBers that will be available in the 3rd, and that's no longer an option. Well we went o-line in a big way and got the guy best suited for what we're doing. This is a slam dunk no brainer in my humble opinion. We need a LB, an instant starter, and JOK is a star calibre player that coud become the face of this defense making plays all over the field. This is a gift falling in our laps - unless JAX pounces, which is very possible.
  16. I'd be happy with any of the following in this order: 1) JOK - I would've hated this 2 days ago, but with no 3rds we can't get Werner, Bolton, Moses, McGrone, Surrat and JOK wasn't a realistic option before - but he's perfect for this team, legit probowl potential who has maybe fallen into our lap. JAX will probably pounce. 2) Jenkins - because I was ok with him at 23 and this super unit would be awesome 3) Javonte Williams - because I would enjoy a "fun" pick for once 4) Trade down and target Best Available Offense - Moores, Marshall, o-line 5) Freiermuth - because I
  17. The Moores? It was the Moops! - Costanza
  18. I think if Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah is not taken by JAX, you have to grab him here. He fits the defense and after losing our 3rd rounders we're missing that LBer sweet spot for guys like Werner, Bolton, McGrone, Surratt. Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah fits this defense and is a difference maker, and we need LB as unsexy as it is compared with say a Javonte Williams. JD can still hope for one of the OCs in the 4th/5th round like Dalman, Mennett, Morrisey to carry on our work on the line. Fant and McGovern should be much better this year in the new offense. Our WRs will be good enough for this yea
  19. Javonte Williams is so tempting, but without anymore 2nd or 3rd rounders it's hard to justify. Jenkins, JOK, Radunz, would all be interesting here as well. If we trade down Meinerz, Humphrey are options, but we should strongly consider an offensive playmaker. Marshall II or even a real TE like Freiermuth (although I'm starting to get the feeling he'll flop and be average, so a 2nd is too rich) lots of ways to win here.
  20. yep, RB was a luxury to start the night and definitely is now after giving up those 3's, gotta move past the dream of getting Harris or Etienne. Gotta get one back, that back half of the second and third is where a ton of value is.
  21. is there really an audience that actually cares about the draft and wants to see this nonsense?
  22. what a stupid show, just start the draft.
  23. I only like this if we also trade down.
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