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  1. My winning strategy of taking Antonio Gates inappropriately high in fantasy drafts has be biased towards him being the greatest. 116 TDs
  2. I'm really interested to see if the DB/LBers Sherwood and Nasirildeen can come in hopefully with some weight put on and actually contribute. They could potentially be a huge + no one is accounting for if they make a big leap in year 2.
  3. Give me Karlaftis next - we need to draft a real man after the lady receiver we picked up with the last pick.
  4. this picture after seeing the last two WRs gives some serious buyers remorse vibes.
  5. Olave looks like a much more serious individual than Wilson
  6. I could envision a scenario where JD just opens up a Word.doc for him with player names and let's him "think" he's helping like Jim Halpert did with Creed's Blog:
  7. Thibs Hutch Hamilton Sauce Ikey Tyler Linderbaum Garrett Wilson Jameson Williams Devonte Wyatt Devin Lloyd
  8. Who is Alec Pierce??????
  9. Assuming we all hate Hamilton at Pick #4. Are you ok with Hamilton at pick #10?
  10. agreed, this would be worst case scenario playing out.
  11. agreed - just look at this monster next to Wyatt who himself is no small man.
  12. Agreed, I could see the reasoning here. We're not realistically competing this year - we're probably going to be much much better, which makes this pick compelling, assuming next year is the year we're targeting to be legitimate contenders.
  13. Enter Jordan Davis, and cross out IDL - do it!
  14. I wouldn't have thought it was doable a month ago, but with Icky having a monster combine, Jax tagging Robinson, and our signing of Tomlinson, I'm seeing the path materializing.
  15. trading Becton at his current market value = but if you can find another Seattle to make a dumb trade, which is oddly one of JD's best skills, then I could get behind this.
  16. i trade down from 4 to 12 probably would yield another 2nd rounder - so I'd definitely sign up for this.
  17. agreed, this is a great fit - with Jax tagging Robinson, they're likely out on one of the OTs - so you have to think at least one is available at #4, and the Giants NEED one of them. I wonder what the value chart would say to just exchanging our two picks in Rd 1 for their two picks? And if this helps us much, we'd have a great shot at grabbing one of the other top DE's with their 7.
  18. yeah this D Line would be an absolute nightmare matchup. I'd sign up for this in a hearbeat.
  19. I know we were all rooting for one of the QB's to light it up and become trade down bait for our #4, but that doesn't seem like it'll happen,. That being said, now that we've signed Tomlinson, I think we should be out of the OL market for pick #4 at least and the play should be to trade down for some OL needy team that wants to grab Neal or Sticky-icky. thoughts?
  20. I love the Jordan Davis grab - no love for this grizzly bear - I could see this being a sleeper pick - everyone has DT fatigue.
  21. I don't even know why this would be a hard decision. signing Jack is the biggest no brainer move I've ever seen and I'd be shocked if he's not a Jet by the end of the day.
  22. If you think the Jets offered a lot the browns offered a (1) 5rd!? - not sure what the conversion rate is on a "fird" round pick.
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