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  1. Sam is so damn corny, btw. Jesus christ.... I'd wish him luck the rest of the way but I want him to lose every f'n game to get the highest draft pick possible. And your point is valid despite others.
  2. The only time I recalled Sam missing receivers was in the endzone but I guess I remember them more because they were huge misses that could've buried us and made any of the 2 TDs that Zach had later on seem nothing but window-dressing.
  3. Somehow I doubt Joe D was in Sam's mind at all. That's assuming too much as to what someone is thinking.
  4. Carolina's "D" is not exactly chopped liver here either. Jameis is not going to have as easy a time of it as he did against an obviously unprepared-to-play Packers squad. But anyway, enough about other teams. Let us focus on hoping that Saleh finds a way to prevent our young QB from getting killed.
  5. What is ignored here is the 2-point Conversion attempt by Zach. Did he short-arm that throw? Didn't look like any Panthers player got a hand on it......
  6. 'First off, you went on a completely different tangent with your 2nd statement. Where did I say that Sam was a SB level QB? Are you insane?? My point was that Anderson did not come to a DEAD STOP. Stop this foolish nonsense.. You're making yourself look dumb. EDIT : And I don't get why you are "confused" by what I said. It was cut-and-dry.
  7. No he didn't. Anderson slowed down just a bit to catch it, not come to a dead stop. Anderson had beaten both Jets players so badly, he had plenty of room to catch the ball. That falls on the Jets Secondary's failures. Look....I want Sam to fail so we get high draft picks as much as the next Jets fan but I'm not going to sit there and make sh-t up about what happened.
  8. That was Sam's best game as a Jet that season, too. Of course we did not appreciate that as we were tanking HARD for Trevor Lawrence.....LOL! How is that "word" not Censored? WTF???
  9. On a team like that with those weapons, he won't need to be one. Still, his inaccuracy in the Redzone won't have him in Carolina for long if that doesn't improve. OOF! U Right. Why do you mention the Defending SuperBowl Champs as your go-to? They don't face the Bucs until the final 3 games of the Season(they face them twice). Of course by then, we will know how good(or bad) Sam has been for that team....and hopefully, our Draft Picks are in the HIGH range by then, too. BTW, about Jameis and the Saints? Looking closer at the numbers,
  10. You all represented the Jets faithful well. Was any from the Hampur there, too?
  11. Agreed. He was targeted over 30+ times which is a recipe for him, if not getting injured, will result in him getting worn down by Mid-season. If Rhule does not adjust the gameplan to include spreading the ball out to their WRs, then he's a fug'n idiot who deserves whatever happens with the Panthers season as a result. Personally, I hope he does continue doing that as anything that leads to us getting higher draft picks is welcome.
  12. Yep. That would be great but nothing ever goes the Jets way.. Watch the Panthers go 8-9 or 9-8 thus ruining the draft picks for us.
  13. Well it certainly worked with picking Robby for them. The jury is still out on Sam...but that's not my or your concern. Our concern is the future of our New Young QB.
  14. Somehow, I don't think he gives a sh-t about 300 so long as they win. Which they did. Goddammit!!!! Why does this team continously torture me so? That's an actual fair assessment without being a full-blown homer, genot. Jets were actually fortunate he missed two receivers wide open in the endzone or this game would never have been in reach from the get-go. And yeah I noticed that he stayed in the pocket and took the hit to make a throw unlike in the past where he was just scrambling around trying to make a play that way which led into trouble. Whatever.
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