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  1. RIP Legend. He wasn't just a great NFL Coach and NFL Broadcaster. He was NFL Football. PERIOD. And Chris Collinsworth is delusional at 4;14 in hoping he'd be compared(as a broadcaster) to John Madden. Holy "Ego Trip", Batman.
  2. Damn....They should build statues of whomever his agents were 'cause that will go down as the ULTIMATE FLEECING OF ALL-TIME.
  3. I would also start Mike but keep him on a shorter leash so we'd have Zach ready to go if need be.
  4. Bruh.... Scary thing is that it's exactly the type of thing this Franchise would do. That's why my heart stopped for a moment reading that headline of this clickbait thread. Well done, sir. You got me and the others.
  5. The "bottom of the division" joke was better.
  6. Well...yeah. That's exactly what Rex was ranting about. He wasn't ranting about Saleh himself comparing himself(Saleh) to Rex. He was ranting about those on the Internet (both Fans and Media) doing that.
  7. ".....and Eating Cheeseburgers..."??? - David Saleh This coming from someone who looks like he never met a Whopper or two....thousand he didn't like. He should've stopped at Podiatry....he just self-owned himself with the cheeseburgers comment.
  8. Well then that makes it even worse that Saleh said what he said then. For a league that has taken steps to "End Racism"(like the logos they put on every players helmet), that comment by Robbie was pretty bad and out-of-line.
  9. Damn...you have to be really bad to get beaten out by Matt f'n Barkley.
  10. Hey...you should be happy for him. He's going to get 18 million of guaranteed money next season to do NOTHING but hold onto a clipboard and watch Cam Newton play. Great job to have if you can get it. LOL
  11. Sam stunk as an NFL QB but let's not go full-blown crazy here. Adam Gase was never ruined by Sam because it was NEVER POSSIBLE TO RUIN HIM ANY MORE THAN HE RUINED HIMSELF!! I mean....It's Adam F*cking Gase. Come on now! And Todd "Toilet" Bowles? He's currently a DC again because he failed as a HC even before Sam Darnold arrived. In fact, Sam's arrival was during Todd's Lame-Duck-season where he was gone no matter what. And The Jets as a Whole? RUINED? We've been ruined since 1969. Thanks, Joe.
  12. I looked and surprisingly there is a thread asking if Sam would make a decent backup. LOL! The poll was understandly almost-universal in its response.
  13. I don't believe that for a second. It got broken in Atlanta.
  14. Meh. He'd be doing them a favor this time around. The QB Class of the next draft is way underwhelming. Carolina needs an O-Lineman to draft.
  15. @Maxman, god bless you and your wife. Hope everything continues to get better. Oh and is it okay to curse here because I want to say : F*CK CANCER! (lost my mother to it way back in 2000)
  16. Can there also be compulsory drug tests for those who start threads like this?
  17. The people who ruined that franchise are Brady and Rhule (and Fitterer) for trading for Sam thinking he's fixable, not Sam himself who is what he is at this point. Also, apologize to Gase? For what? He did NOTHING for this team, except help it to underachieve and LOSE. What a dumb thread.
  18. Tell me something : All that you just said... If @Anthony Jetsaid instead that Robby is a stupid and incompetent person(which is the 2nd meaning of the word "mutt" and what Anthony obviously meant) without using the term "mutt", would you still consider that racist?
  19. Like what I posted earlier. I don't like being preached to about a word that means JUST THAT. Plus, I took Anthony's comment as him calling Robby a stupid or foolish person like the 2nd meaning says. For anyone to basically call him a Racist(that's what the pearl-clutching nitwit in this thread is doing) is idiotic.
  20. Of course "mutt" is no good. It also means "a stupid or incompetent person". You know...like what I posted earlier.
  21. Yes. Definitions are indeed nice, aren't they? BTW, based on the bolded above and your initial response to Anthony, are you implying something?
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