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    Rex greeting the team in the endzone after Greenes TD. Foxborough AFCDG
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    Doug Brien, being in Pitt for the AFCCG L.
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  1. Jet Life

    Sam was really bad

    Not worst player on the field but wasn’t his best day. Life with a 21 year old rookie qb, there will be good and bad! Oh well.
  2. Jet Life

    Rishard Matthew works out for Sam's team

    All out fight over Corey Davis. Hilarious
  3. Jet Life

    Nick Bosa withdrawing from Ohio State

    Smart move by him. I love college football but end of the day its a billion dollar business. Bosa is making a smart business decision for himself.
  4. What he’s doing as a 21 year old rookie , A
  5. Both horrible . Maybe maccagnan which is saying something because Bowles is atrocious
  6. Jet Life

    Bowles got himself fired tonight

    When you get out coached by Hue Jackson, it’s time to go
  7. Jet Life

    Darrelle "No Show" Revis

    Was reported his sons football game got rescheduled to today so couldn’t show up. Glad Mangold came
  8. Gross . Ugliest jersey I’ve ever seen
  9. If he stinks this year he’ll feel the heat. Let’s play a game first
  10. Would sign him in FA, can get a few great years out of him which will help Darnold grow long term which is the main goal
  11. Jet Life

    Chris Warren III (OT)

    I watch every Texas game. Warren ran hard, always was a fan! Had some great games for us.. the Texas tech game stood out big. Wishing him success in the pros. Hook Em !

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