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  1. Very obvious that this is the plan
  2. Probably a better chance getting a player out of 120 or 125 than 103 alone. 2 cracks at it
  3. Do you have any takes on his game? Or just a lazy Big 12 post
  4. CB and Edge are also a need, but after a decade plus I think the defense can take a back seat for once. Time to give Sam the help he needs
  5. depends how the board breaks but prefer 2) WR 3) IOL 3) WR 4) RB
  6. Guy just took a monster left tackle, no need to fire him!
  7. Becton has elite left tackle upside. I like Wirfs to though, he’ll be a great guard in Tampa
  8. Love Becton. What a great pick!
  9. Because of money. This isn’t football in the 1960s anymore. Football is a business
  10. Joe will go OT at 11 and if the big 4 are gone trade back for Jones
  11. Hopefully we draft a young explosive back. No need for Bilal anymore
  12. If it’s different than what we’ve been doing in the past, GOOD

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