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  1. If we don’t get Watson and don’t want to draft a QB, I don’t even know who I’d want at 2. Pretty bad spot if we can’t trade down. Luckily a team always falls in love with a QB though so I think we’d be ok moving out
  2. Try to get the best 2 years possible out of him then cut his ass immediately. Awful contract . Thanks Macc!
  3. Big respect to Brady. Incredible to go to 10 SBs
  4. Both of those big trades were for running backs which is even crazier. 3 firsts for a 25 year old franchise QB is a great move. We should be on board
  5. I’m not a fan of RB that early but I’d support the pick. This team not only has sucked but is boring to watch. Still prefer a DW trade but Wilson and Eteinne would bring some much needed explosion and fun to this offense
  6. Wilk also got a big extension from us. The reason our cap is low is because we haven’t drafted anyone worth extending in a decade. The guy is clueless
  7. Watsons first playoff win: 10 years younger than Cousins
  8. Packers just lost the best LT in football a few weeks ago and haven’t missed a beat on offense, but we have people here pounding the table for Sewell (when we already have Becton). It’s madness
  9. We just got 32nd rated QB play and had awful coaching. If you can add top 5-7 QB play with real coaching, sign some FAs and hit some draft picks (If you give 3 NYJ firsts for Watson we’d still have the Seattle 1s), this team will be turned around very quickly
  10. Because he never carried a team to a championship as an under 25 year old QB he’s Melo, who’s been around for like 15 years? This comparison is awful. He’s been to the playoffs twice with a win under his belt already. It’s not his fault Houston hired the Patriots team chaplain to run football ops and blow the team up. Just a bad comparison all around

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