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  1. Lose. Who cares. Could have had Bosa if we didn’t beat Buffalo last year. Big deal if we win, means nothing
  2. How can you even pick? Draft record was awful, Hackenberg stands out. His big contracts (Revis, Tru, Wilkerson) ended up terrible. Neglected the OL and edge. His entire tenure was a train wreck. He is one of the worst GMs in the history of the league.
  3. I would trade him for the right offer and invest in more valuable positions, but I think he will be back
  4. I get it from KO's side. He got benched so might as well clean up the pre existing injury and get ready for FA. We will see what the league says
  5. Gruden was first, but surprised they fired Rivera in season
  6. This one for sure. They are horrible, but we just had the worst GM of all time who never cared about the OL so not shocking
  7. Goodell will always make sure ESPN gets bad match ups after how critical they used to be towards him
  8. The bad part is he’s way better than Q. Robby is an actual player who’d contribute on a good offense unlike Q. Thanks for that contract Macc!
  9. The NFL has botched just about every PI challenge / review this season. So no surprise about yesterday
  10. Like Gene Steratore said after the reverse, that happens a lot and it’s never called, so it’s odd to search for it in review and cancel the TD. Clear as day PIs have been challenged and not reversed this year about 99% of the time, so very dumb to go and reverse a TD due to an OPI. NFL referees lack consistency
  11. Nothing to discuss , your team got punched in the face
  12. Your team barely beat Cincy so I figured it would be close. The Raiders suck and their fans are garbage too, I’m glad the team is abandoning the fans and the city.

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