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    Rex greeting the team in the endzone after Greenes TD. Foxborough AFCDG
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    Doug Brien, being in Pitt for the AFCCG L.
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  1. Both horrible . Maybe maccagnan which is saying something because Bowles is atrocious
  2. Jet Life

    Bowles got himself fired tonight

    When you get out coached by Hue Jackson, it’s time to go
  3. Jet Life

    Darrelle "No Show" Revis

    Was reported his sons football game got rescheduled to today so couldn’t show up. Glad Mangold came
  4. Gross . Ugliest jersey I’ve ever seen
  5. If he stinks this year he’ll feel the heat. Let’s play a game first
  6. Would sign him in FA, can get a few great years out of him which will help Darnold grow long term which is the main goal
  7. Jet Life

    Chris Warren III (OT)

    I watch every Texas game. Warren ran hard, always was a fan! Had some great games for us.. the Texas tech game stood out big. Wishing him success in the pros. Hook Em !
  8. Jet Life

    NY Jets Trade Christian Hackenberg

    Only preseason but Hack put out some of the worst tape I’ve ever seen from a QB in my life. Had every chance to win the job and couldn’t even beat out Petty. It’s for the best he never played a snap, he could have really gotten hurt out there. It would have been more embarrassing for Macc to play him than for him to never even take a snap which says a lot. Really bad player, man he stinks. I heard hes a nice guy though ! Best of luck in Oakland
  9. Jet Life

    NY Jets Trade Christian Hackenberg

    He won’t
  10. Jet Life

    Is Bates The Right Coach?

    He was a linebacker and WR in high school then switched to QB. due to injury only started a full year which was his senior year then the 2 years at USC. Still a lot of learning left for him , upside is huge !
  11. Joe and Evan are good just talk about the Mets too much. Yankees comeback to beat Boston for first place and they talk Mets for an hour. That team batted out of order . Can be talking about North Korea and Evan will somehow bring Conforto up
  12. I’ve seen Kanye twice and I feel bad he never got to watch himself live! All time performances
  13. Jet Life

    Petty Cut

    Hack in the preseason was even worse. Scary thought .Petty was brutal though

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