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  1. He was an 800 yard, 7ish TD guy for 3 years here. Nobody is claiming he’s Michael Thomas bu he was always a player
  2. Robby was a good player for the Jets and will continue to be one. The bashing he got here was always pathetic. The loser was Enunwa.
  3. Keep him until the end of the season. He’s a guaranteed 0-16 and the #1 pick
  4. Of course they should fire him, he’s a pathetic horrible coach who once fetched Peyton Manning’s Starbucks
  5. Rex sucks, why would you want him? Just because Gase sucks we should hire Rex back? LOL!!
  6. Season is over. This team flat out sucks. To the believers, just accept reality
  7. Good pick by them. We have absolutely no shot to make the playoffs this year. That’s a guarantee
  8. This team stinks. Not surprised we aren’t being talked about
  9. Thats because most fans understand that theres nothing that could have been done so are looking to next FA and draft. The team lacks talent from a decade of bad drafting. Throwing money around at average players in one single FA period would not have helped. Maybe would have brought up from 6-10 to 7-9? There is no magic wand. A lot of people made a lot of bad decisions to get us to this point and it will take time. And yes its been 10 years of garbage but that has nothing to do with JD. Its not his responsibility to step in and empty our cap space on mid tier FAs to make the fans happy. Thats what Maccacgnan did and he stunk. His job is to build a long term winner
  10. Whiffing on a top 3 pick is a move that sets bad franchises back badly. Quennin was a bad pick at the time and will probably be bad again. Sadly it is what it is. I expect nothing out of the majority of Maccagnan players. At least that train wreck is gone
  11. Hopefully he comes back strong from injury and can be moved at the deadline for a pick
  12. Sorry for your loss but you’re clueless when it comes to the QB position and you seem like an annoying person in general

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