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  1. Ned Stark is rolling in his grave after that comparison
  2. Jet Life

    Manish Speaks

    The guy who said Tony was 100% wrong about the rift is now giving us all the details? I'll look elsewhere
  3. Jet Life

    What is more disappointing?

    I agree the timing of Maccs fire was bad. It should have been done a few years ago
  4. Gase likes Bell he just didnt like the price. He will 100% use Bell. We have nothing to worry about.
  5. Jet Life

    Mac fired!

    Woke up feeling refreshed. I already knew Chris Johnson was an idiot. Macc being gone is amazing. What a great day!
  6. Hewitt stepped in fine last year when Lee was too busy being suspended for drugs. Think Mosley, Avery, Hewitt and Cashman are more than fine at ILB. See ya Lee
  7. GM Adam Gase out here playing 4D chess !!
  8. Jet Life

    Mac fired!

    Maccacgnan was an awful GM and the Jets are extremely dysfunctional. Both can be/are true!
  9. Jet Life

    Mac fired!

    Thank god!!!
  10. Jet Life

    Should the NFL install a draft lottery?

    No. The seasons way shorter and nobody tanks too badly in the NFL compared to NBA
  11. Jet Life

    Daniel Jones vs Sam Darnold

    Found Gettlemans burner account
  12. I was mostly just stating who is still on the roster. But yeah, Im not big on Leo at all and would hesitate to pay him a big contract. Hindsight should have taken Gurley but the top of that draft did suck though
  13. Idzik went 1/12 and Macc went 1/6. Both stunk but Idziks was worse. But Maccs 2016 and 2017 drafts were awful too. Macc is just as bad of a drafter
  14. Jet Life

    Gase did NOT want LeVeon Bell-Cimini

    I wish I still had the energy to argue and complain about nothing. If we win games nobody will care the GM and HC didn't agree on a player. If we suck again, Macc will rightfully be fired. Who cares about this
  15. Jet Life

    The Last three picks by Mac

    I actually dont mind the TE, but the last 2 picks were awful, especially the corner

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