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  1. No it didn’t. Congrats on the playoffs! My team is the #1 seed so I’m happy, that’s fine I was wrong. My wife is a Knicks fan so hoping for a Philly Knicks round 2. Don’t worry, we will do our best to beat Brooklyn for you !
  2. This uniform in Reebok is our best for sure
  3. Bitcoin has more transaction volume than the visa network and is the 8th largest asset by market cap, so Id argue it’s not just used by a small group of speculators. And the crime argument also falls flat because crime has been around long before Bitcoin and a criminals will still go to the ATM and buy drugs etc. HSBC laundered billions for the Mexican cartels. If you don’t believe in crypto that’s fine though , everyone has the right to their opinion
  4. There’s a reason Elon even said he didn’t sell any of his Bitcoin. Watch what they do not what they say
  5. Luckily they had the 32nd rated defense last year and Darnold absolutely stinks. Road games are tough but 1-0 is likely. Nice!
  6. Seems like he has great work ethic, something Darnold never had
  7. Johnson’s don’t fire coaches mid season and there was no young coach to evaluate or anything. No point in making Logains or Gregg interim HC. Gase stunk but the team didn’t quit so they just let him ride it out. It really wasn’t a big deal and is over with now Edit: just realized I read it wrong and you meant the end of 2019. I don’t know the answer to that
  8. So true. Everyone wanted the 80s look back, even though the 80s uniforms are awful and nostalgia is the only reason why they’re popular. The ones we had were perfect
  9. Don’t think it’s confirmed yet. He was pick #2 so jerseys at the facility all had 2 in the photos his mom posted
  10. Bitcoin won’t replace currency but it’s the new digital gold for sure as a store of value. It’s fundamentally sound with a finite amount. The government can print money any time they want and there’s currently an asteroid in space with $700 quintillion worth of gold on it we will eventually mine. Have been in the crypto space since 2016 and Bitcoin helped me pay for my wedding and buy my first house, just wish I had more ! And wish I threw a few hundred at DOGE back then when it was .002 cents
  11. You’re a clown and by far the worst poster on this website who ruins every thread. Looking forward to your next Justin Fields thread in an hour or so!
  12. In JIFs world everyone is exactly the same. If the Jets asked these prospects on Zoom to recall 40 plays, and Wilson could recall 35, while Fields and Mac recalled only 20, he can find an article of Nagy saying Fields recalled a play he asked him about and “vindicate” himself. So I guess every QB has identical recall abilities. Just like every fast player runs the same 40 yard dash. Someone can’t be better at something. They are all the same
  13. “Na, but seriously bro, Fields can bust and it doesn’t even matter to me. Here’s a tweet of Mac Jones saying he has a photographic memory to show I won another Zach Wilson internet thread. Another morning crushed!”
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