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  1. Seems like he’s done a great job at everything but hiring the right people to actually win football games. Good work Woody!
  2. And now Darnold was benched and leads the NFL in INTs+Fumbles surrounded by offensive talent, Jamal is playing awful, Leo is invisible. JD needs to do a much better job adding talent no question, but SAR acts like JD broke up a potential dynasty in the making. These guys stink too. Good lord
  3. I actually laughed out loud at how unfunny that list was. Thank you OP
  4. Rex finally picked a good one. Unfortunately for us, for every Demario Davis he picked, there were 5 more Conners, Calvin Pryors, and Coples
  5. Zach hasn’t been great but I’m way more worried about Saleh and the staff than I am Zach. It’s clear he has talent
  6. No veteran to start the season , now trade for Flacco. What a blunder
  7. Crazy how many fans want Rex back. Guy sucked outside of 2 years and can’t get a job again since his Buffalo debacle
  8. I’m losing faith in this staff by the minute. The San Fran operation kinda looks like a sham right now as a whole. Tough to see
  9. That was a given!! He can’t do that if he’s locked in a cell!
  10. Creepy guy but great player. Hopefully he goes to prison so he can’t go to Miami
  11. The stadium / stadium experience stinks but I’m much more worried about the team being awful for a decade and our owner quitting on us for nearly half a decade for the London gig and handing the franchise off to his dopey brother. We’re a bottom tier franchise , is what it is
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