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    Rex greeting the team in the endzone after Greenes TD. Foxborough AFCDG
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    Doug Brien, being in Pitt for the AFCCG L.
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  1. Marrone

    Bowles makes Marrone look like Lombardi. Mehta is a piece of garbage
  2. Thoughts on Bryce Petty ?

    Petty truly sucks. At best he’s holding a clip board for the rest of his career
  3. Hack. He’s the worst qb in football so will gauruntee losing out . Petty sucks too but Hack is next level bad
  4. Hats off to McCown

    Met/Jet fans have it tough. Double the loser, always a big fat pathetic joke. Thankfully I’m a Yankee fan
  5. Hats off to McCown

    One of the better QBs in franchise history . Very sad. Put #15 in the ring of honor
  6. Petty MIGHT stink? Have you seen him play?
  7. Bring him back for cheap next year, he will be great to have in the QB room to teach Mayfield a thing or two about the league
  8. Epic Rant by Francesa!

    Great rant, Mike is simply the best! He will be missed!
  9. I Want Josh Allen

    We already have him, his name is Christian Hackenberg
  10. Im not even really a Macc guy but this thread is created off a failed trade
  11. Remember he tried trading for Cousins
  12. Breer On Josh Allen

    Hackenberg written all over him. Very scary!!
  13. The NFL has a big problem

    College football is just way better. The NFL product sucks now. Games are boring. I used to never miss a game but now I'll just watch the Jets (which is bad enough). Once the Jets get a QB and start winning I'm sure I'll be back into it more but until then I'll spend my Sunday night watching something else. Won't even get into Monday Night which has been pathetic for years. You have issues if you are excited to watch Panthers v Jay Cutler