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    Beating Patriots in AFCDG
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    Doug Brien game + being in Pitt for the AFCCG L.
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  1. Went with care deeply. Growing up I was the first option for sure. Went to almost every game with my stepdad in middle school and high school and traveled to some. Went to the AFCCG in Pittsburgh and it wrecked me. I’m 28 now and my entire 20s has been the awful Rex/Idzik and Bowles/Macc era and its taken a toll on me. I’m excited for the future though and maybe will get back to 1, but hard when the past 8 years the seasons been over by mid October .
  2. McGuire is a guy you can find anywhere late in the draft or UDFA. He does nothing special at all. JAG player. Cannon not good either but can maybe provide some ST value
  3. Thank you for firing Macc and giving us Douglas, Chris! Now get the hell away from the team. Shouldn’t have to hear from him again for a while . The madden he played from his moms basement is the only football knowledge he has.
  4. Maybe this time it really is different. Hard not to be excited right now
  5. Red Sox and Boston fans are garbage so not surprised. RIP Buckner
  6. The guy who said Tony was 100% wrong about the rift is now giving us all the details? I'll look elsewhere

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