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  1. Why would the NFL care. Jets still bring in big money
  2. Gase is awful. Yeah the OL and QB were horrible too but it starts with him. Outside of Dallas he has been a pathetic joke.
  3. Can't blame the STHs. Why drive there on a work night just to see that? Jet fans could have bought the tickets but didn't.
  4. I wanted McCarthy or Rhule. Will be tough watching Rhule take his pick at the NFL job he wants next year while we are stuck with Gase. Can't believe I talked myself into Gase to. The guy sucks. Fire him at the end of the year
  5. Yes lets follow the Arizona Cardinals blueprint. A mediocre franchise who sucks just as bad as we do. Congrats to them for beating the Giants and Bengals though!
  6. Carson Palmer looked pretty good to me
  7. Agreed. Getting Macc as far away from this organization as possible was the best thing that happened this offseason
  8. He's a great coach. An NFL team will be lucky to have him soon. People trashed him last year by blindly posting his record, with no knowledge of the Art Briles scandal. That let us see who really watched CFB and who doesn't know anything about it though
  9. Surely theres a middle ground between a Fire Gase thread and a turn LW into a guard!
  10. He stinks, luckily can save 10M cutting him for no penalty in the offseason
  11. Lewis is solid just needs to stay healthy. Edoga looks like someone we can build with too. Not sure about Shell.
  12. He moves so well in the pocket and gets the ball out quick. We are lucky to have him!!
  13. Wanted Josh Allen but Q is playing well. Very optimistic about him

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