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    Rex greeting the team in the endzone after Greenes TD. Foxborough AFCDG
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    Doug Brien, being in Pitt for the AFCCG L.
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  1. Im not even really a Macc guy but this thread is created off a failed trade
  2. Remember he tried trading for Cousins
  3. Breer On Josh Allen

    Hackenberg written all over him. Very scary!!
  4. The NFL has a big problem

    College football is just way better. The NFL product sucks now. Games are boring. I used to never miss a game but now I'll just watch the Jets (which is bad enough). Once the Jets get a QB and start winning I'm sure I'll be back into it more but until then I'll spend my Sunday night watching something else. Won't even get into Monday Night which has been pathetic for years. You have issues if you are excited to watch Panthers v Jay Cutler
  5. Woody is still calling the shots. He will fire him
  6. QB: Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma

    ALL IN ON BAKER!!!!!!!!!
  7. He picked that bum Hackenberg. Its in Maccs best interest he keeps him hidden as long as possible. Hed sign Testeverdes corpes over playing Hackenberg
  8. Hackenberg wouldn't start a game in the CFL, hes one of the worst QBs to ever step foot in this league. Football is dangerous, it would be unfair to play him. He could get himself or someone else very hurt. You have to think about these guys futures beyond football and Hackenberg is still young and can carve out another career. Its in Maccagnans best interest to hide Hackenberg and bury him down the depth chart. I think Petty could potentially be a solid backup so wouldn't mind seeing more of him down the stretch.
  9. Kapernick: a way out

    How do you know the Packers want him? Goodell isnt making personnel decisions for the Packers.
  10. Would Eli To The Jets Be A Possibiity?

    McCown is better, no thanks
  11. Poll: Rooting for wins? Or Tank?

    Tank. Can't get excited over McCown no matter how good he plays. Hes a fossil
  12. It was reported he explored trading up for Goff so I'm sure he would do it

    Imagine handing out a big contract to Mike Glennon? Man that's horrible, he really sucks and always has
  14. He stunk at Notre Dame so I'm not surprised