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  1. Actually laughed out loud scrolling this thread and getting to this comment. So random. Becton derangement syndrome
  2. The pro bowl / all star games are for children. There is a reason none of us have watched it in 20 years. Just make it a flag game with skill challenges
  3. Just had 7 weeks off in October for my first born. Was a special time I’ll always cherish. Best of luck to Becton
  4. Been trying to buy Moore in my league, I think big things are coming but I’d have him below Waddle
  5. Right now I’d say our weakest positions are LB, S and maybe IDL next to Q. Fortunately these are the easiest/cheapest positions to fill. It couldn’t get all done on one offseason but it’s refreshing to have a GM target and prioritize premium positions
  6. This is the vaunted 7-9 team that @SAR I cried about JD breaking down. That team was going nowhere and yes the tear down was ugly but we are in a much better position now. Thank you Joe Douglas!
  7. Never left team JD. Start building the statue now
  8. The crowd complaining about lack of edge earlier.. happy now? Patience
  9. Almost at the range pick 35 and our 3rd should be enough to move up for the right player. Wonder if JD likes anyone enough to make a move and keep 38 still
  10. Looking like 1. Walker 2. Hutch 3. Stingley 4. Ickey. The drama of where Becton ends up and the Deebo situation at pick 10 will lead for a crazy night and weekend
  11. I’d give up the 10th pick and if we had to a 4th and call it a day. Make the Niners cave, that’s the best offer they’ll get. The nonesense rumors out there that we offered 10,35, Moore, and a 2023 2nd are hilariously false
  12. Elijiah Moore isn’t going anywhere. Who made that nonsense up?
  13. I’d prefer a tackle round 2 because it’s a need. But if Hutch and KT are gone I can see see it being Ickey. He’s a top player at a premium position that like it or not has question marks. Maybe Sauce but corners can be found later and in free agency yearly. Tackle is a premium position you can spend a top 5 pick on
  14. Can he sack the quarterback? All that matters
  15. Wonder how many complaints we’ll see for adding a cheap kicking competition camp body
  16. Probably just wants to stick it to Belichick twice a year. Similar to Favre wanting to go to the Vikings so badly
  17. AJ Brown would be a home run. Let’s hope Tennessee can’t afford him
  18. In your fake scenario and the Jets offer 10, KC says this is the better offer you’ll be a Jet. Hill then says I’m not signing an extension, and we rightfully pull the deal because pick 10 for a one year rental would be stupid. Then KC accepts the same Miami offer and Hill is a Dolphin still. Nothing changes.
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