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  1. A pair of 3s was worth the trade up for AVT and a 4 which netted us Michael Carter. Great trade and drafting
  2. The cheating losers lost again? Brady leaving really hurt them!
  3. Flacco did his job and stole a win for us. I’m thankful for his service but we lose today
  4. Only difference was Mark had the best OL and running attack at his disposal. Hopefully things get easier for Zach once we get the line healthy
  5. Joe predicted this! Credit to you for seeing the vision. The division is in sight!!
  6. Zach just took a dump on half the board. What a scene
  7. Most of the board called for his head all summer but the guy is just having fun out there. 1-0. Enjoy!
  8. Most important stat is the win and be played a big role leading them back in a tough environment. He gets a lot of over the top hate here but got the job done. 2-2. Onto Miami
  9. Zach stepped up in the second half. Will be exciting to see the offense once we get the OL healthy and be able to run the ball too
  10. If Lawson had a brain were winning this game right now most likely
  11. This organization has made me insane. All for the reset button! Fire up the tank
  12. Let’s lose out and rid this organization of Saleh and Wilson
  13. If we play like this against real teams we’ll be picking top 3 again. We can get away with this v Pitt though
  14. Reminder that this Pitt team is a bottom 7 team in the NFL
  15. He’s exciting to watch but overall a bad half from Zach. We really blew some golden opportunities against a bad Pitt team
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