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  1. You’re paying a premium for the privilege to get to see Joe Douglas put a masterpiece on the field next season
  2. I’m surprised people are piling on Zach so bad. He’s a rookie QB in a hostile environment against an elite defense, playing with weapons who are hardly NFL level that he’ll never share the field with ever again. Let me know if he’s struggling with the first team offense next year and I’ll worry. He improved down the stretch. Future is bright!
  3. We’re so lucky to have Joe D. I’ll definitely be at the game he’s inducted into the Ring of Honor down the road!
  4. We need to add another guy badly for sure but Fant, AVT, McGovern played well. OL wasn’t as big of an issue down the stretch. In the beginning of the season they were awful but they were learning a new system. I’d say we need a big time WR and TE more
  5. White had the actual offense healthy and threw 4 picks. What planet is that better?
  6. Purdue edge any good? Never seen him play
  7. When nobody is open and you’re losing you eventually have to play hero ball and try to make something happen when nobody else is. Can’t just throw it away every play. But in a normal game with a real OL when he’s not running for his life every play, I agree.
  8. Not a good game but it doesn’t matter. Was missing WR1-4, RB1, LT1, C1 . The type of game you don’t learn anything so you just burn the tape and move on
  9. People actually care about the result today? We fielded a JV team and actually hung pretty close. Hilarious. Burn the tape and move on
  10. No brainer to give up a 2nd for Ridley if that’s all it takes. Talented enough to take the risk. 90 catches, 1400 yards last year. 26 TDs 2018-2020. Would be Brandon Marshall 2.0
  11. JD acquired LDT for free. What an upgrade!
  12. Crazy how one awful guy pretty much tanked the whole line
  13. I don’t think he’s great like the TuAnon members do, but I think he’s shown enough to get another season
  14. Jet Life

    Bart Scott

    Bart is a clown but if what he said was right it would be fair criticism, but it made no sense. No player is getting “all of the glory” for picking up a first down from a QB sneak up the middle. They did their jobs by having people tall about it, which is the point of the show
  15. Holding BTC, ETH, SOL, Matic, MANA, SAND at the moment
  16. No way Berrios is getting 10 million a year. He'd be a great WR to keep at 6 though and draft another with the Seattle pick. Moore, Davis, drafted WR, Berrios would be a solid 4.. and if Davis flops again next year he has an out in his contract
  17. Would love to draft a WR with the Seattle pick and resign Berrios
  18. We’ve been dead last for what seems to be a decade, and with a rookie QB, OC and ton of offensive injuries we have improved. So yes we should be happy. Should we be mad?
  19. The Jets were down their WR1, WR2, WR3, RB1, RB2, TE1, TE2, C & lost their LT mid game, against one of the best teams in football. It’s not always all about stats. Zach played well
  20. Crazy concept that a rookie is progressing week to week and getting better. I guess he’s not the worst QB of all time after all
  21. Great progress from Zach. Team needs WRs badly, JD better not screw up this offseason
  22. The young guys played well and we took one of the best teams in football to the end.. and kept our top 5 pick. What a great day to be a Jet fan. The future is bright!
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