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  1. I’d keep Fant at LT and move Becton to RT, but I be Becton will be LT
  2. I was rooting for the loss to secure Hutchinson or Thibideoux
  3. Crazy how much it’s back. My grandpa and uncle were hospitalized 2 weeks ago (both good now). I was just exposed on Sunday so have been taking tests daily just to make sure I’m good. I have a 3 month old so have been worried. All tests negative so far luckily
  4. We have the worst D in the league and lack playmakers. An elite defender and a WR should be the first 2 picks. Go OL in the second. No need to take an OL round 1 every year.
  5. Sam Darnold sucks at football. Nice guy though!
  6. He needs to put together a full game but has had a few good halves lately. There was a point where he looked awful all game so good to see some progress I guess. Better than nothing
  7. Hope everyone is ok and we lose the game for a better draft pick. Losing Saleh for the week is probably a bonus though
  8. A “salary cap specialist” GM and a buffoon head coach. Not surprised that one failed
  9. There’s not much to be optimistic about. Expect another bad season next year
  10. Mike was the best. He is missed!
  11. Sad we are here once again, but since we are I hope we lose out. Would be nice to be top 3 and secure Thibideoux, Hutchinson or Neal
  12. Very realistic chance we whiffed on HC & QB again. Don’t know what the point is anymore
  13. Missed the game today. How bad was it?
  14. Belichick just beat a playoff team on the road without even needing a quarterback. Unbelievable
  15. Wish I chose the Patriots as a kid. The model of success!!
  16. Encouraging display from Zach in the first half playing without a defense or a kicker. We really need him to work out because it looks like our defensive HC can’t coach defense. Please Zach, save us..
  17. Worst Jet defense I can remember in a long time. Historically bad for certain stretches of the season actually. Awful
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