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  1. Would still rather be in Phillys position than 80% of the NBA. 53% chance of getting the Lakers pick this year and have SAC unprotected '19 pick. Embiid & Simmons health is the key.
  2. Only my Sixers are allowed to use that. #TrustTheProcess #BringBackHinkie
  3. People just seem to be mad we didn't address every need which was impossible. Corner can be addressed in free agency and the draft next year. We will have tons of cap space. This isn't an overnight rebuild !
  4. Per pff Adams was the top graded safety and played FS 41%, CB 32%, SS 13% and LB 14%. Maye also graded out positively in coverage and had the 2nd lowest catch rate (31%) of all safetys and missed 1 tackle all season. Our secondary sucks so I'm glad Macc grabbed 2 great players here who can hit/cover and are leaders as well.
  5. New York Jets: B+ Top needs: Quarterback, offensive tackle, tight end New York didn't address its top two needs -- QB and OT -- with this class, but here's why I'm not faulting the strategy: The Jets clearly went best-player-available throughout the class, and they didn't reach. That's hugely important for a team with one of the worst all-around rosters in the league. So while I don't think their quarterback of the future is on their roster, I can't knock not seeing the value in taking a developmental signal-caller when Christian Hackenberg is already that guy. And in one of the worst offensive line classes in recent history, they didn't try to get a raw prospect in the middle rounds. They stuck to their board, and I can respect that. Jamal Adams is simply a fantastic player and value at No. 6 overall, and Marcus Maye at the top of the second round is right where I thought he'd go. This puts the roster spots of Calvin Pryor and Marcus Gilchrist in tenuous positions, but New York is at least willing to see its flaws and try to correct them. Ardarius Stewart, Chad Hansen and Jordan Leggett all should help the passing game -- and whoever's throwing them the ball. Leggett, in particular, could be a starter when the season begins. Credit general manager Mike Maccagnan, too, for trading down and acquiring extra picks four times, and picking up an extra fifth-round pick in 2018. He knows the roster's deficient, and this isn't a one-year fix. Kiper is annoying but this is pretty spot on. We took the best players available and they were all at positions of need.
  6. Whoever is on the clock isn't trading the pick either way
  7. Hard to disagree. We got great players / great value for where we picked. Perfect for a rebuilding team and they are all at positions of need.
  8. We also got an extra 5 from Dallas , took a pass rusher and 2 corners lol. The people who are expecting an overnight fix need a reality check. We had a good draft IMO. Got great players where we picked at positions of need. We will need a few more good drafts / do well in free agency to be competitive again, but hopefully this was the start!
  9. This team has holes all over. Wasn't getting fixed in one draft. Not possible
  10. Adams was a top 3 player in the draft and Maye is a stud. Hansen and Legett are great picks too. Could have done better than Stewart in the 3rd IMO. Taking a flier on Clark isn't bad either. B
  11. Horrible value on these trade backs!!
  12. If Butt is there with our 4th we have to get a good firm grip on him
  13. He can be a good player but hes small and is a little older. I think Godwin is better too. Least favorite pick so far
  14. When you take Adams you are taking a leader and a culture changer so that must be factored in as well. One of the best players in the draft on the field. He played 41% FS, 32% CB , 13% SS and 14% LB , he can do it all. Maye individually is a great player but I agree taking another is probably overkill. There were some great corners on the board or Cook. On the positive side Maye had the 2nd lowest catch rate at S in college and only missed 1 tackle in 438 snaps (per PFF). He is injury prone though . Trying to stay positive at least it looks like the 2nd round curse is over . He will be a good player , something this team lacks .
  15. Tony Pauline reporting Jets and Chargers trying to trade up for Davis Webb
  16. Gruden stinks, but hes right here. Adams is the best pick of the draft.
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