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  1. He won 9 straight after losing his first start. Sam and USC were buzzing through out the entire winning streak. The people who think its based off just the Rose Bowl are wrong and didnt watch CFB
  2. and if he did screw up again, we just cut him and move on. It's not like he was a serial killer like who the Patriots drafted and extended.
  3. The Hooker INT in that game was very impressive! Covered a ton of ground
  4. That's good , but he still turns it over a ton and has a weak arm. You asked for reasons not to draft him and I listed some
  5. One could argue he was smart for that. Already had the company lined up, got laid in the sun for 4 years
  6. Our QBs are Mccown Petty and Hack so we are already in play for the #1 pick next year without even trying to "tank"
  7. They are the best period. Don't even care anymore if they make good moves because they will just keep winning and won enough already as it is. Used to care a lot but I just worry about us now
  8. The fact Geno still has a large group of fans who think he will be good/never got a chance here is hilarious but sad at the same time.
  9. Just got my email. For the people who have gone before, how is it? Never been
  10. Gholston. Basically every draft since 07 has been horrible though
  11. If we draft a QB Petty is probably cut unless we carry 4 QBs. They will keep McCown and Hack based off that hes a 2nd round pick a year ago. Petty is a really bad player too , average backup is his ceiling
  12. NFL wouldn't even let preseason games in Vegas a few years ago . Anything for a buck
  13. weighed in at 234. I watch every Texas game and think he'll be a good one. Broke off a lot of big runs for a big back
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