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  1. Foreman with a 4.45 40 at 230 is big time .. #HOOKEM !!
  2. The people who didn't scream about Clemens have now learned from their mistakes !!
  3. Hack was the best player on their board ? Yikes .. let's hope this board is better!
  4. Kay's show sucks. It will be a shame when Francesa leaves ! The best!!
  5. Jet Life


    I understand the reasons why he couldn't come back , but yeah, Sanchez has had a better career than Mccown and got 4M less . Makes no sense why Mccown is worth 6M
  6. One time thing that happened 3 years ago and he paid his dues . He'll be a great player and will be drafted round 2
  7. No to 4 QBs. If we draft a QB , Petty should be cut. It's clear he's not good and his ceiling is an average backup at best . Wouldn't mind cutting him now , he's useless .
  8. An excuse to sign an old , crappy vet
  9. ProFootballTalk, Brian Costello, Damien Woody, Albert Breer. Daniel Jeremiah for draft stuff
  10. For NFL teams isn't the velocity threshold for QBs 55mph? Watsons 49 probably got him dropped off a ton of teams boards
  11. Kap couldn't even beat us last year. No thanks
  12. I've been against throwing money around this FA but I'd love to bring him in. Young great player and can cut Harris to save money while replacing him
  13. Sheldon for noodle arm McCarron straight up? Mac should be fired on the spot if does that
  14. Gave up and 2 and got a 3 back for Ealy so only moved back 8 spots. Gave up a 3 for a 4 in the Cooks move so moved back 15 spots.. going to get a few for Jimmy too. Pats win again
  15. a trade down for OJ Howard would be nice! Elite blocker, 4.51 speed (faster than most WRs) and a big target!
  16. You should change your picture to just the Jets helmet at this point
  17. A football team run by baseball guys just made a great NBA trade
  18. As a Sixers fan I love it ! Such a Hinkie move !! Browns are trusting the process !
  19. Cleveland has tons of cap space. They got a 2nd round pick just for absorbing a salary . They arent competing this year anyway. Might as well.
  20. Yeah I agree. Cap space for a 2nd round pick move
  21. Even if they have to take the hit they have like 100M in cap and they suck anyway. They get a 2nd round pick just for having extra money. That money would have just sat there anyway
  22. Nice move for the Browns. They have tons of space. Can afford to absorb some bad contracts and take picks back in return. They have no intentions of keeping Oswieler
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