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  1. One of the best Jets ever. Had to be done but will be missed!!
  2. I paid 400 each for section 124 row 11 last month. Excited for the season !
  3. Gil Brandt's all rookie team. Yay .. clearly didn't watch many Jet games
  4. The NFL would obviously rather have a big market win but I doubt they fix the games. Not even the election was fixed. The special interests had more money at risk than the NFL and Trump still won
  5. Tom and Bill are the best ever , period
  6. I loved JI and used to visit/post there all the time. The Scout move was horrible. Max and JN are great though, glad I found this place !
  7. I basically stole 2 last month already or else I would. I'd feel too bad doing it again
  8. He sucks. He's so bad he couldn't even beat us. We would probably be 1-15 with him next year and have the #1 pick and get Darnold..wait ok, never mind, sign him !
  9. If only he was good. Guess his agent made him delete the tweets
  10. How do we know Jet fans run good QBs out of town? We dont ever have good QBs
  11. While we fell to pick 6 and selected Gholston. Yay team!
  12. We made the playoffs whenever he was healthy. So yes, I miss him
  13. I like Marshall a lot but no need for him. We won't be competing next year. Use the 7.5M towards a younger FA at a position of need. Decker isnt a true #1 but we are rebuilding, can't expect to have every position covered in one offseason when we have countless needs.
  14. Having flashbacks of all of the "Sanchez has the same numbers as Eli through 3 years" threads .. we know how that went . Hack will most likely not be Eli
  15. Sadly that is the market you are correct, and Houston just showed us how stupid it is to follow this model. That Osweiller deal is tragic. You can have your opinion though, I just disagree with it. Would rather not shell out 15M for Mike Glennon.
  16. You can make this argument about any unknown QB
  17. Last month, Adam Schefter reported that Glennon could get $13-15M on the open market. If I'm paying that much for a QB, the bar has to be higher than "he isn't Fitzpatrick." http://ftw.usatoday.com/2016/12/mike-glennon-contract-report-espn-15-million-brock-osweiler-free-agency-nfl-tampa-bay-buccaneers
  18. Mike Glennon is not and never will be Kurt Warner
  19. They couldn't even fill up a hockey arena, Jets on the island would be a disaster
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