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  1. They couldn't even fill up a hockey arena, Jets on the island would be a disaster
  2. A big contract for a QB who was benched for Mccown. No thanks. 1 year deal though , sure why not
  3. http://www.latimes.com/sports/la-sp-chargers-to-la-plaschke-20170111-story.html Not a Bill Plaschke fan but this is a good article. This won't end well for the Chargers
  4. I just bought 2 PSLs for $450 each in the LLEZ row 11 the other day. Same thing, everyone said I'm crazy for it , but oh well. Couldn't pass the deal up. Go JETS!
  5. 2007 produced Revis and Harris, but 2006 was deep. Brick and Mangold. Brad Smith, Leon Washington contributed. Erich Smith and Drew Coleman were ok too
  6. According to Macc on Francesa today, Bowles chooses the coaches.
  7. It wasn't one great game. USC finished the season 7-1 after he became the starter and he impressed all season. He has all the tools. Rose Bowl game just put him on the national stage for casual college football fans
  8. Jet Life


    Its not even tanking, its just the smart approach to take. This team has holes all over, blown out numerous times all season. Gathering young talent and trying to develop them for the future is the correct move to make over blowing our load on aging vets , knowing damn well we arent winning the division or making the playoffs next year. Idzik sucked but put the next GM in a great position and Macc blew it with a bunch of horrible signings and 2 years later we are back with the 6 pick, lack of young talent, aging overpaid vets and no QB in sight. We've gone nowhere...back to square one. Macc and Bowles jobs are on the line so their agendas dont fit the long term goals. We should be trying to sell off any aging player we can and gather as many picks as we can and rebuilding it from scratch. Signing guys like Romo is just selling false hope to naive fans. Start the young guys and rebuild properly. If that means 2 years picking within the top 3 so be it
  9. Not even worth swapping. Everyone will be fired after next season anyway
  10. Jet Life


    Starting Petty alone will secure us a top 3 pick, potentially #1. He's that bad
  11. Neither. Fournette, Cook or Tim Williams
  12. Fournette, Cook would be great. Tim Williams also would be a great pick
  13. I like Ed and the chant but lets bring in a good HC and QB before we worry about bringing back Ed
  14. Chant died when Ed left. Once we start winning again it will be back in some fashion. Fans dont care for a chant right now
  15. Forgot about his year long Browns stint before going back to QB coach. Apologies
  16. No OC with a track record for success will come here just to get fired next year. Not surprised DeFlippo is the choice . We will hire a first time coordinator looking for his promotion
  17. Bowles wants a yes man he can control. Defense is horrible, but hey, lets try it again with Rogers !
  18. Jet Life


    Would be a dream. That Browns game next season will be BIG!!
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