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    Leonard Williams, Enunwa, Shell late a few positives off the top of my head. Not many though, next year will most likely be brutal
  2. Please dont convert him to safety..just cut him. Horrible attitude and can't tackle. Good riddance
  3. Rapaport via his twitter says Bowles is weighing changes on both sides of the ball but Rodgers is most likely safe. Expect a few a new position coaches and no real change Ian Rapoport ‏@RapSheet 1h1 hour ago #Jets coach Todd Bowles weighing changes on both sides of the ball. OC Chan Gailey in doubt. Not so on DC Kacy Rodgers who called plays late
  4. Talked about how healthy he was but now it's everyone else's fault but his. Another bum. This team is so unlikable .
  5. I agree logically you can't plan that far ahead for the future because things can change. I just don't see a scenario we aren't picking outside the top 5 next year, intentionally tanking or not . You're right, they can all stay in school, all he busts etc .. but I don't see a scenario in which we don't stink. I don't see any great QBs in this class and the FA QBs look terrible . Petty isn't good, and the team doesn't play for Bowles . We will be very bad next year
  6. Yup. Bowles and Macc will be fighting for their jobs so we wont get a proper, patient rebuild.
  7. Roll with Petty and go 2-14 and get Darnold, Jackson or Rosen next year. Rebuild the OL and defense in draft / FA this year.
  8. Looking at this list combined with Bowles coming back just lets you realize how bad we will be next season. Yikes. At least next years draft class has some good quarterbacks we will most likely have a shot at (Darnold, Rosen, Jackson)
  9. Agree . Would be great for us but they have huge needs. Would be very stupid of them
  10. Yeah because millennials are the only ones who are fed up with this franchise ..Hows that patience working out for you? The team sucks .
  11. https://www.profootballfocus.com/pro-how-every-2016-first-round-pick-has-played-this-season/?utm_content=buffer9d1af&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=nfl 20. Darron Lee, LB, Jets (Ohio State) Snaps: 593 PFF overall grade: 38.8 Darron Lee has all the athleticism and measurables in the world, but it’s looking less and less likely that there is a football player operating the controls. He is the lowest-graded rookie linebacker in the league and has allowed a passer rating of 132.9 when thrown at in coverage. In fact, the only area PFF measures that Lee has graded well in is discipline, thanks to just two penalties on the season. Darron Lee ranks 2nd to last excluding injured players and Treadwell who hasn't played. While its obvious PFF isn't the ultimate way to judge a player its worth noting how bad hes been. I lose more faith in Macc every day ! Change must come !
  12. and we're still pick #6. Just our luck
  13. He'd want to go to a contender
  14. I'm sure everyone here would love that. Odds are slim though
  15. Cant argue with any of this . Would rather roll with Petty / Hack though and tank for Darnold . I understand anything can happen and thats far away, but blow the whole thing up
  16. Petty playing like he does now . Which is pretty bad. And Hack can't even dress .
  17. Woody Johnson could give up day-to-day control of Jets if he gets ambassador post, @RapSheet reports: http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000754358/article/johnsons-jets-duties-could-change-if-he-gets-ambassador-role?campaign=Twitter_atn Save us Trump !!!
  18. Every day. Never going to leave though, but its a shame something we love and look forward too is such a massive let down.
  19. Agree. He cant draft and his FA signings are horrible. Wilkerson deal looks bad too. Hes a mess.
  20. Hopefully Woody gets this UK ambassador job from Trump. Take him away for 4 years and give Coughlin full control
  21. We will most likely be back in the top 5 again. Would love Darnold the most but would take any of the 3
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