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  1. Would take Cooper, but to say White is only where he is because of the combine is completely false. Watch the games
  2. Solid low risk, high reward move. When Bowles and Macc talk about competition they actually mean it. Unlike Rex and Idizk.
  3. What a blessing it was to inherit such a talented team. Didn't take long until he burned it to the ground
  4. A bust who hasnt taken a snap yet? Interesting take
  5. Nobody asked or cares what DVDs you watch on your free time. Shut up loser
  6. Because 3 people fighting speaks for the entire fan base
  7. Yup. Revis and Cro dont have many great years left. Hopefully Dee and Dex can develop and be ready to take over when the time is right..+ bowles plays with a ton of DBs.
  8. We have improved hugely. But please no Superbowl talk.
  9. Remember when Revis changed in NE and valued winning over money? Good times
  10. Fantastic start to this regime. Us fans deserve this. Amazing!!
  11. He has a good arm/mobility, but Im not confident he will ever smarten up and cut back the turnovers
  12. Wouldn't be surprised if Fitz is starting from day 1. Geno has very little upside. Has all the physical tools, but not sure Chan can help replace the rock he has for a brain
  13. So was the early Cowboys dynasty the Cowboys Way? or in the NBA the Spurs Way? No. Your logic is stupid.
  14. The Patriot Way is media created. I seriously have no idea what it is.
  15. Brilliant move! Landed us Revis! Maybe Woody truly is brilliant after all!
  16. Would have liked House for that number.
  17. Sorry about double posting it. No clue why that happened.
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