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  1. Just deleted my bookmark. RIP JI
  2. Scouts layout looks like it hasnt been modified since the early 2000s. Horrible
  3. Nothing is ever his fault. What exactly does he do?
  4. -Grew up in Danbury, CT but just moved into my apartment in Hoboken on Sunday. -Basically my entire family are Colt fans ..my dad still makes fun of me to this day for going with the Jets -My uncle has season tickets so I normally split them with him every year. -Drunkenly shed a few tears in Pittsburgh at the AFCCG, while I froze my ass off -Just finished school in May and started working in NYC in July -Happily single -I love football, beer, and golfing
  5. Adam Rose and Bunny = future tag team champs..
  6. He will probably team up with Golddust.
  7. The fact he couldn't make it on the Panthers or even the Jets tells you all you need to know.
  8. Limolady was one. Also Kelly, a dude who pretended to be a chick. So maybe that counts as half?
  9. We burn MetLife to the ground. It would be the only option at that point.
  10. This is how I feel as well. Idzik isn't perfect but hes improved the team and has kept us flexible for the future. Also, if Geno becomes our QB for the future, his body of work becomes even better.
  11. Not yet but I'm sure if you asked him he would have 3 pages of reasoning how he is close!
  12. Cant argue with that. I think with the addition of Decker, Jace and even CJ out of the backfield Geno will have enough options to survive this year while being thin at WR but it needs to be addressed next offseason..was also pissed when DRC left without a deal.
  13. In 2 years, he got us Sheldon, Decker,Dee, CJ, Ivory, Amaro, Pryor and most importantly (and hopefully) our long term QB. He has made his mistakes and isn't perfect, but I believe Idzik has a long term plan.
  14. Or when DWC gives us a 15 paragraph essay on why we will win the Super Bowl this year.
  15. Now it officially feels like JI
  16. Thank you for the welcome. Looking forward to posting here!
  17. After 5 years making the switch from JI to JN..place looks nice here. Way better than scout!
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