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  1. Absolutely 855!  The truth is right there above in SP post. The loser thinking needs to change, but maybe it's just a east coast thing.  haha  You go out and kick there ass every week, as the Famous Jets are coming!  Great game Sunday, was really rooting for the shutout.  Great effort.  

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  2. Sure they can.  They can do whatever they want.  It's up to them.  This is why Bowles wants to see attitude and wants to see them fight.  If they want to just go through the motions like Houston did last night, show up and collect a pay check, it will be an ugly season.  The only team that can beat the Jets are the Jets.  Once again,  as Bowles has said, they have to "figure out what kind of team they want to be."  Something I've noticed would help, Pryor needs to stop trying to make friends with the opposition and start laying the lumber.   

  3. 1 hour ago, Joe Jets fan said:

    I just can't understand why cuts were not made last week so we could sign players like Henderson last week. 

    We did not need to wait till FA to sign our own players.   See Fitz. 

    We have what I believe to be one of the best Gm's and Head Coaches in the entire NFL.  They know exactly what their doing. Enjoy the ride!

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