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  1. What unis are we wearing today in Oakland? Anyone hear
  2. I would liked to have seen Pryors forearm shiver intended for Brady, get there a half second sooner. Game of inches. You know they took a shot at Fitz. (back/shoulder)
  3. Up at 4:00 a.m. looking for my mouthpiece. JETS neon light is on.
  4. Bowles has always said who ever is practicing better will play. It's just a matter of time as carlito1171 pointed out. I'm all for Fritz or whoever is under center. Watching #14 was painful against Phily. Now I understand Micheal Irvins comments before the season started.
  5. Looking for Devin Smith (if he goes) and kerley to come up big today. Go Jets!
  6. I believe it is in the Famous Jets best interest to have N.E. win this game early in the season. You don't want momentum building in Buffalo any more than it already has.
  7. You gotta like this. A rookie admitting he should be in better shape? I don't think most players would admit this. Guys helping his team get better!
  8. Keep calm and expect the best.
  9. He'll get stronger. Lower body catching up.
  10. You'll be waiting a long, long time. In other words, it ain't happenin.
  11. I'm fast! I'm pretty! I'm unemployed!
  12. Kicking a man when he's down does nothing. Says more about you than him. He needs help. I'm hoping the Jets can provide just that. At least this happen at a position of strength. We'll be fine, let's hope Sheldon will as well.
  13. 18th rated strength of schedule this year for the Famous Jets.
  14. Nfl network (TV) advertising all 65 pre season games will be televised starting Aug. 12th.
  15. Geno's right. Football is a team game. Jets have some big time talent, after one of the best offseasons in the history of the team. Looking forward to the new offense under Gailey. I think he will have a decent year.
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