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  1. Bowles has always said who ever is practicing better will play.  It's just a matter of time as carlito1171 pointed out.  I'm all for Fritz or whoever is under center.  Watching #14 was painful against Phily.  Now I understand Micheal Irvins comments before the season started.  

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  2. I cannot wait to boast to Dr. Detroit that he backed the wrong horse. Mariota admittedly got off to a poor start but rebounded well. Exactly what I have been saying all along. Mariota will respond to adversity like a mature leader and improve quickly. Winston will respond like Ryan Leaf... unless it is against guys who will be selling insurance come September.

    You'll be waiting a long, long time.  In other words, it ain't happenin.

  3. - New Season.

    - New Front Office.

    - New Coaching Staff.

    - A vastly improved roster.

    - Pats are reeling.

    - Rex is polluting Buffalo.

    - The Dolphins are still the Dolphins.





    18th rated strength of schedule this year for the Famous Jets.    

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