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  1. If the Famous Jets get 2 first round picks, maybe. But can he play in long pants?
  2. Maccag wins by trading up to the 1st pick and takes Winston. Set for 12-15 years at QB.
  3. Its nice to have optimism again. Looking forward to the New Jets!!
  4. The mighty Quinn is an Eskimo. Changes despair into joy and chaos into rest, and attention from the animals. Level of swagger could be off the charts at Met Life.
  5. One official can make a game. NFL, the national fraud league.
  6. Rex going out the way he came in, talkin sh$t. To bad he could not back it up. Would of made some great intertainment.
  7. Good to see you nycdan. The rumor is, more like fact, Casserly was hired to find the Famous Jets a new GM. I think it would be Idzik's jod to replace Rex. It's a good sign.
  8. 6-6...The fight just now got started.
  9. Hate to break it to most of you, but Rex has already survived. He got the vote of confidence 2, maybe 3 weeks ago. Thats why Idsuck was able to bring in someone like Harvin, knowing Rex can deal with him next year as well. How you like them apples?
  10. I thought Rex toned it down last year with the hiring of our new GM. Rex is back and in top form even with defensive problems going into Green Bay. I think this is because he no longer has a rookie quaterback and believes in MM's offense now that their in year 2, plus the addition of Decker, Johnson, and Amaro. The Famous Jets will be fired up for this one and see Geno playing poised and in control, running game being his best friend sunday. The Famous Jets win late in a thriller. Wow, I just got goose pimples!
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