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  1. who the hell would bet $10,000,000 on the cheatriots ?  I have to think it's not smoneone directly related to the team, that would be too stupid even for krafty


    damon ?  affleck ?




    Big, influential money on the Seattle Seahawks showed up Saturday in Las Vegas, causing sportsbooks to adjust the Super Bowl point spread heading into game day.

    The MGM, Caesars, Westgate, Golden Nugget, South Point, Station's and CG Technology sportsbooks moved the line from New England minus-1 to pick 'em Saturday, as money poured in on the Seahawks. Most books reported still having more money on the Patriots, but the gap was narrowing.

    "We're taking more bets on the Patriots, but the more substantial money has been on the Seahawks," Jason Simbal, vice president of risk for CG Technology, said Saturday. "What we've been seeing lately is for every two-, three-, four- or five-hundred dollar bet that comes in on New England, we'll then take a five-figure bet on Seattle."

    The MGM, which took a seven-figure wager on the Patriots last week, was one of the last Vegas books to move the line to pick 'em Saturday.

    MGM vice president of race and sports Jay Rood said the seven-figure transaction was handled in advance with the funds being transferred to the casino cage. He would not elaborate on the identity of the bettor, who spared no expense.

    "They laid the proper vig," Rood said.

    That was the lone seven-figure wager reported by the books as of Saturday night, but Rood said his shop has already taken "a lot" of six-figure wagers, the majority of them on the Patriots. More big bets will undoubtedly show up Sunday.

    CG Technology, which is known to cater to some of the biggest players in Vegas, including professional sports bettor Billy Walters and boxing champion Floyd Mayweather Jr., also was expecting large wagers to arrive today.

    "We're not going to comment on individual customers," Simbal said, "but we're still waiting to see what other high rollers want to do."

    The Wynn and Stratosphere sportsbooks still had the Patriots favored as of Saturday night. Wynn sportsbook director John Avello said two times more money had been bet on the Seahawks than the Patriots at his shop. He took multiple six-figure bets on Seattle on Saturday. But the Wynn was an outlier.

    Floyd Mayweather.

  2. Really...as long as we're tossing complete bullsh-t rumors up here, why not go for the brass ring.  I sincerely doubt Charlie Casserly is talking to ANYONE, let alone media trolls about who he would replace an active NFL coach with while that coach was still working.  That's a huge no-no in any sport. 

    Good to see you nycdan.  The rumor is, more like fact, Casserly was hired to find the Famous Jets a new GM.  I think it would be Idzik's jod to replace Rex.  It's a good sign.

  3. Hate to break it to most of you, but Rex has already survived.  He got the vote of confidence 2, maybe 3 weeks ago.  Thats why Idsuck was able to bring in someone like Harvin, knowing Rex can deal with him next year as well.  How you like them apples?

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  4. I thought Rex toned it down last year with the hiring of our new GM.  Rex is back and in top form even with defensive problems going into Green Bay.  I think this is because he no longer has a rookie quaterback and believes in MM's offense now that their in year 2, plus the addition of Decker, Johnson, and Amaro.  The Famous Jets will be fired up for this one and see Geno playing poised and in control, running game being his best friend sunday.  The Famous Jets win late in a thriller.  Wow, I just got goose pimples!

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