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  1. not sure how big an issue that is. Mac is signed thru 2020. The new coach will likely have a significant say on who we bring in via FA and draft. I would think having a young possible franchise QB, lots of cap room, and high draft pick would make this a very attractive job for new HC. He can come in and immediately start building the team the way he wants. Many times a new coach has to come in and cut a bunch of players and start over the next year after he has built up cap space. The dirty work will already be done before new HC even steps into building. This team will be almost a blank slate and the biggest piece (young qb) is already in place.
  2. Jets don’t need to spend 100 mill to make the team better. A competent coaching staff and a year of experience for Darnold alone would get this same team 7-9 wins.
  3. Jamal Adams: Bad vibes from last season haven’t changed Posted by Josh Alper on November 13, 2018, 2:35 PM EST Getty Images In the offseason, Jets safety Jamal Adams did an interview with Bleacher Report that included Adams saying that the team’s “vibe” was a losing one and that everybody on the team wanted to “do the bare minimum.” Jets coach Todd Bowles responded to that by saying that Adams “didn’t mean a lot of things that came out wrong,” but Adams either disagrees with the notion that those things came out wrong or he hasn’t yet figured out a way to get them out right. Adams was a guest on WFAN Tuesday and he was asked if his feelings have changed about the comments he made months ago. “I could sit here and sugarcoat everything, but things haven’t changed,” Adams said, via Connor Hughes of The Athletic. “Obviously we’re still losing. I’m not saying we have guys like that in locker room, but at same time it’s not changing. It hasn’t changed. We’ve been losing. At the end of the day we’re going to get it fixed. Soon sun will shine.” Adams’ comments don’t reflect well on head coach Todd Bowles or anyone else setting the tone for the organization, which is a pretty big departure from what he had to say after last Sunday’s 41-10 loss to the Bills. Adams said, via SNY, that Bowles is “not the problem” with the Jets, but his comments on Tuesday suggest the head coach also hasn’t been able to solve the problems that have caused the team to lose 29 of their last 42 games. ====================================================================================================================== He talks a lot but he also has said on 2 different occasions that the team wasn't prepared for a game. Just counting down the days until Toilet gets flushed.
  4. Barkus

    John Harbaugh

    I don't know, morning wood is his OC now running that stupid wildcat garbage. He's a good hc no doubt, but his offense is always shaky.
  5. I picked broncos over jets. They have 2 excellent pass rushers in Chubb and von Miller, good rookie rbs in freeman and Lindsay and 2 good rookie wr in Sutton and Hamilton. They had an excellent draft class. Put bridgewater on that team and they could be in the playoffs.
  6. expected result. The whole staff is a bunch of morons, so no in-house HC candidates available (perhaps that is Toilet's shrewdness in play?). One positive is that with the head moron here they will likely lose out and finish 3-13. Maybe end up with a top 3 pick???, almost guaranteed top 5 pick at 3-13. Hope the giants start winning some games. Toilet is certainly done here. Would not wait until black monday. Make him suffer through final press conference, pack up his office while he mumbles and passes the buck and then have him head straight for his car when the press conference is over.
  7. Dennison has been an OC before and has been in the league a while. Make him Interim HC.
  8. Just checking in from doing yard work. Looks like I’m better off heading right outside again. A few positives I see here 1) offense is even more pitiful than when Darnold was in there. Thus Darnold is not fully to blame for the horrendous offense. 2) I would venture to say this will guarantee that Toilet would be fired, the big question is if he will be fired tomorrow.
  9. He knows he's done. He's already planning his next long walk in the woods by himself.
  10. Barkus

    Possible HC Candidates

    Not sure I would even count O'brien. He is really an NFL guy who did a short stint as college HC and jumped right back to the NFL.
  11. this coaching staff is so clueless I would not be surprised if they don't even realize he is on the team. In fact, it is possible mathews is getting paid and not even showing up to work and is not telling anybody.
  12. Barkus

    Possible HC Candidates

    Correct me if I’m wrong but I can’t think of a single college coach who is a good nfl head coach right now. All the recent good hires have been nfls Guys. mcvay, Nagy, Peterson, etc.
  13. Barkus

    Possible HC Candidates

    Holmgrem or cowher?? How about someone from this decade??
  14. Because the Moron HC felt he was too pass happy and he wanted to run the ball more 😒

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