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  1. Yes, I read a stat that he is averaging 0.5 yds prior to contact. The league average is 2.5. He is basically averaging getting hit in the backfield on every carry!
  2. He always shows up on film, big fan also. I’d be surprised if Baltimore let him hit the market though.
  3. More frustrated that we lost bills in game 1. Could be 5-6 and still alive for playoffs.
  4. Yes, but going from 2yd losses on practically every run play to 2yd gains still leaves a lot of room for improvement.
  5. Gase and this team showed they can handle adversity. Things can’t get too much worse than being 1-7 with a boatload of injuries and Gase taking all the blame since Mac was already canned. The team stuck together and Gase did not have a mental breakdown on live TV. Him and the team have turned things around. This will be a good building block and learning experience for the future, especially if they continue to play well.
  6. He is not a good blocker but he has good chemistry with Darnold. Bring him back next yr. would like to see Wesco more involved though.
  7. How about this, Quincy can retire anytime he wants and walk off into the sunset and do whatever he wants with his life. If he wants to continue to get paid millions then he should show up to his rehab or at least show responsibility and be properly excused.
  8. Dude is being paid millions to do nothing and he is complaining?!?!
  9. How about move the jets to London and the chargers to NYC?
  10. Yep, I just read Gase got a 4yr/20million contract. No way in hell CJ is going to pay gase 5million/yr to not coach the team, plus still paying Bowles a few million, AND a new coach next year.
  11. Jets win either way. If jets lose game, better jets draft pick. If jets win, then they get a better 3rd round giants pick.

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