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  1. This team and coach are garbage for sure right now but most, if not all of these injured players should be back in 2-4 weeks. This offense will look much different with perriman, crowder, mims, and bell on the field at the same time (god willing). Even with our horrible coach.
  2. I agree we should have drafted another WR but we are down our top 5 WR, really unheard of. Perriman-out Crowder- out Mims-out V. Smyth- out J. Smith- out even hogan is banged up and moncrief I believe is injured still also
  3. He looks as bad as Darnold but he is missing only one starting WR. Sam is missing his top 4 WR.
  4. Go watch sam’s TD throw to Berrios, that was a sick play. Not many QBs can make that play. He has talent. Get him some WR and a better coach and the team can win with Sam.
  5. Hah, he’s a quitter who will have not played in 2yrs. He will play a few games next yr and then pull a hammy and go on IR. Then he will be cut.
  6. Hah, the 49ers scored 17 seconds into the game. Let’s see if jets can do better this week. Baby steps.
  7. JD has a six year contract. He is sitting pretty right now. Gase will be fired. JD will at least have say in next coach if not total control. He is set up for next year with multiple drafts picks and tons of cap space. Gase helped us get rid of Mac and get JD, his work here is done. Time to get a real coach.
  8. He didn’t fire toilet bowls who was a dead man walking. I doubt he will do it with Gase the Waste.
  9. The problem is after this year the team will be have to decide if they want to pick up his 5th yr option which I read somewhere would be 25million.
  10. If we want the best possible draft pick keep gase. Get a probable top 3 pick. Start over with new coach, multiple picks including a top 3 and tons of cap space. Not a bad opportunity for the nex coach.
  11. I think it’s 2. He’s giving enough rope to Gase to hang himself. If jets go 4-12 and this sh!tshow continues, Gase will be gone. JD can then get his coach with plenty of cap space and draft picks. Would be an attractive job I think, relatively.
  12. He’s also Brilliant, apparently 🤮
  13. On the plus side, if jets are bad enough to get Trevor that Gase almost certainly will be fired. Win. Win.

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