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  1. Seriously, this will barely cover his plane ticket to training camp!
  2. Adams is under team control for 2 more years after this year, if you include franchise tag. No reason to do deal now unless he willing to do team friendly deal.
  3. Yep. The Green Bay GM said about dix vs Pryor “this is a passing league now and big hits are being legislated out of the game so we liked Dix better, who has more range and playmaking ability” chess vs checkers!
  4. Geno is all set. He has enough experience that teams will continue to be comfortable signing him as a backup as long he doesn’t do something really stupid. He will have a 10yr plus career as backup in the nfl and will make millions in the process without taking a beating as a starter.
  5. Falk is out of the nfl and after his display last year will likely never be on an nfl roster ever again in any capacity, at least as a player.
  6. Best I could come up with is they both have 6 letters in their first name and 5 letters in their last name 🤷‍♂️
  7. Peter king had a tidbit this am. Douglas had Bechton and Wills as his top 2 tackles. If Cleveland did not pick either, JD would have traded back with Tampa Bay. Once Wills was picked, JD turned down the trade back and picked Bechton.
  8. Jets got your number one in huff and also cager wr.
  9. I would have liked at least one more WR drafted also. I read apparently the coaches like Jeff Smith and Josh Malone for whatever that’s worth. Maybe we can find someone who will stick as UDFA plus maybe a vet shakes loose.

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