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  1. Jets need to start winning eventually to remove the Gase stench.
  2. I look at halftime adjustments more as how coaches are changing calling the plays. For example, seeing what worked and didn’t work and adjusting the calls.
  3. Trey Smith was a 6th round rookie drafted by KC, he started at RG and had a %100 win rate in pass blocking yesterday. You think he could have been an upgrade over GVR?? The Packers started TWO later round rookies at center and guard and both graded well. JD needs to do better with this o-line!
  4. The oline play was the biggest issue in the game. Shaky to terrible pass protection and the run game was non-existent. The only sliver of hope is that AVT is a rookie and the line needs more time to gel. Zach showed a lot of potential and toughness, very encouraging. Elijah Moore, 1 catch for -3 yards?!? Really?!! He has to get at least a few touches a game somehow. WR screen, short crosser, slants, etc.
  5. Your correct about the o-line being terrible. We need to run the ball to be competitive. Disappointed Elijah Moore was pretty much invisible. Better running game and oline play needs to be the focus going forward. Zack showed a lot of potential today.
  6. Liked him during the draft at that time, thought he had potential.
  7. here is a nurse pick to make you feel better! J/k Hope you feel better soon!!
  8. Was thinking the same. Ravens have lost 2 RB for the year and they are obviously a running based team.
  9. One of the beat reporters said he was walking around with a large knee brace on, so I don’t think he will be back soon, if ever.
  10. Browns cutting DE Curtis Weaver 2nd yr player from Boise State. His name was kicked around in the draft forum as a possible fit when he came out.
  11. Josh Johnson was the best backup qb on the roster. Both white and Morgan are not good. Would almost be indefensible to keep them both on the roster.
  12. Sammy can’t throw from his back, have to turn up the heat. Panthers o-line is shaky.
  13. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/08/30/dolphins-cut-matt-skura/ Skura was the starting center for Baltimore most of last year.
  14. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/08/30/report-dolphins-releasing-benardrick-mckinney/ mckinney being released by Miami. Had shoulder injury last year. Made pro bowl in 2018. Could be useful for depth and experience at LB
  15. Don’t forget two Jacksons (Lamar and Bennett) and 2 smiths (Vincynt and Jeff) at least for now.
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