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  1. no doubt, but Toilet has already flushed almost a dozen coaches already. How many coaches can he get rid of before he gets canned???
  2. I couldn't type in the post. Don't want to give the impression I'm posting to myself, lol. But this is interesting, perhaps Toilet is feeling the heat after the dreadful showings late in the past 2 games. He is running out of coaches to throw under the bus.
  3. Report: Todd Bowles taking back some defensive playcalling duties Posted by Josh Alper on September 25, 2018, 12:39 PM EDT Getty Images The Jets are reportedly making a change to their coaching responsibilities after a pair of losses. Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News reports that head coach Todd Bowles is taking back some of the defensive playcalling duties from defensive coordinator Kacy Rodgers. Per the report, Bowles, who was the Cardinals defensive coordinator before being hired by the Jets, will now be responsible for the playcalling when opposing offenses are in two minute or hurry up situations. That was a spot where the Jets defense struggled against the Browns last Thursday, particularly when Cleveland turned to Baker Mayfield in the wake of Tyrod Taylor‘s concussion. The Jets looked confused often during Mayfield’s first drive, which resulted in a field goal and helped swing momentum to their side after the Jets had overwhelmed the Browns offense while Taylor was in the game. They didn’t do too much better against Mayfield on a pair of more traditional touchdown drives in the second half, but it appears that the status quo is staying in place in other situations.
  4. Meh, at least we can see Dante Fowler up close and see if he could be a good fit for us.
  5. Barkus

    Todd Haley in 2019

    I've always liked haley, good offensive mind and has HC experience. He has a rep of being a jerk and his time at KC as HC was not exemplary by any stretch, toward the end they were terrible. Maybe he has learned from his mistakes??
  6. Barkus

    Baker looked legit

    Toilet the concussed moron admitted he didn’t change the gameplan when baker came in. So the gameplan was for Taylor who looks to run first and throw deep balls and has trouble with intermediate accuracy. In comes baker who is a pocket passer with quick decisions and pinpoint accuracy especially in the middle of the field and promptly throws for 200yds and scores 24 points in a half!
  7. Going for it at the end on 4th and 10 with 3 timeouts at the end of the game was completely out of character for Toilet and a total panic move. He is coaching for his job from here on out.
  8. yep, was thinking the same. The shrimp boat captain better get this team playing better. This was an unacceptable showing and this follows the debacle in the home opener. Not good.
  9. I'll be at the jetnation tailgate, you can give my hat then so you can save on shipping!
  10. Barkus

    Bad year for free agency

    Franchise tag #2 is 120% the value of 1st tag. So he will get north of 20mill next yr if they franchise again. It is Jerry Jones so I suppose anything is possible.
  11. Barkus

    Bad year for free agency

    nice link thx. I would say Dante Fowler and/or Demarcus Lawrence should be prime pass rusher targets. Not much OL will be avail, almost all are over 30.
  12. Hopefully the browns don’t clog up Bowles!
  13. The browns d is legit, they held their own vs the high powered offenses of Pitt and NO. Garret is going to be tough to control too. The browns offense is shaky though. If Jets offense can tighten things up and play better that will be the difference.
  14. Barkus

    Thursday Night Football: Baltimore @ Cincinnati.

    Flacco looked really shaky in the beginning. Settling down a little now. What's up the plays with Lamar Jackson? they are terrible and if I was Flacco I'd be livid.
  15. lol, I didn't see that. I'd have been worried if u then sent me a PM to meet you inside the RV 😳

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