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  1. It will be sweet watching Josh Allen be a terror off the edge while quinnen plays part time occupying some blockers and occasionally tackling fournette after a 2yd gain.
  2. once simian went down they should have brought in another vet like osweiller. Falk had no business being out there and that is Gase’s fault.
  3. Q williams had 4 tackles and TFL on Dak kyle Phillips was very active fotokasi was also solid with tfl and a few tackles Edoga was improved still not great but hopefully he will cont to get better cashman had 4 or 5 tackles berios had a couple nice punt returns
  4. KO has been pretty bad, I think he is finished.
  5. Lewis was not bad in the preseason. In fact the oline was not this atrocious during the preseason. Put Harrison at center, keep Lewis at guard, and start rotating winters and Compton. Enough of this garbage oline play!
  6. Seriously, let’s just see get them some first downs and maybe complete a couple passes for more than 10yds first.
  7. If Khalil can’t handle the center responsibilities maybe move him to guard and start Harrison at center?
  8. It is now being reported that he started feeling sick 2 weeks before the bills but played through it. He likely played the buffalo game with the enlarged spleen.
  9. Hudson just signed a 3/33 contract extension in August. Now highest paid center I believe.
  10. What happens first Leonard Williams sack or jets offense scores a TD??

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