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  1. Agree. Get RB later on. I would a draft a guard or center before RB for this team.
  2. Leonard Floyd is a FA, I liked him in the draft and he had 10sacks last yr teaming with Aaron Donald. He is still young and would make a nice pairing with quinnen and foley on the inside.
  3. If you were Houston what would you rather have Darnold and #2 pick + or Tua and #3 pick +
  4. Mods can merge if appropriate. There was talk Glenn could be DC here. This makes sense as him and Campbell have worked together for years From PFT: Dan Campbell is bringing Aaron Glenn with him to Detroit. Campbell, the new Lions head coach, will hire Aaron Glenn as defensive coordinator, according to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network. Glenn and Campbell have worked together on the Saints’ staff for the last five years. The 48-year-old Glenn was a first-round draft pick of the Jets in 1994 and had a 15-year NFL playing career. This will be his first coordinator job after seven seasons as an assistant coach.
  5. My opinion (not what I want but I think will happen) Sam 75% Fields 15% Wilson 10% Watson 0%
  6. Agree, Mann was not good. He seemed to have a lot of return yards against and was not consistent. He was outplayed by 2 other rookie punters that were undrafted. Fox in Detroit and Townsend for the chiefs.
  7. He broke his hand earlier this yr and has had other nagging injuries, he’s very good. I wanted the jets to draft him out of penn state.
  8. I’d look into a-rob or Godwin first, maybe even Golladay.
  9. Yes, a lot of pro-Sam Guys on this staff. I would be very surprised if jets draft qb at 2. I think JD will be trading down and building up the team. If Sam still can’t cut it, then he’s done here and jets have new Qb in 2022, either vet or draft pick.
  10. Watson led the the league in passing yards and threw over 30 TD, so it didn’t seem to hurt his productivity too much.
  11. Kris Richard was suprisingly out of football in 2020. He did a good job with the Dallas D and actually interviewed for the Jets HC job when Gase was hired. I think he worked with Saleh in Seattle also
  12. Thanks for the scoops guys! Now start asking about Darnold! 😃

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