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  1. Dilfer on Rosen

    Bowles- ok, josh there is only 1 minute and 20 seconds left in the first half and we have 2 timeouts so we are just going to take a knee couple times and run out the clock ok? rosen- are you fackin kidding me?!? (Throws his Gatorade cup at bowles)
  2. USC Pro Day on now

    From what I’ve heard most scouts, talking heads, and nfl types are higher on Allen than mayfield.

    I'm pretty sure he had the most yards in one game of all our TE last year....with petty as QB!
  4. Get back in the 2nd or 3rd round

    How ‘bout if we trade McCown for Aaron Rodgers??
  5. WR T. Pryor Visiting Jets

    Last I heard, he was doing well cooking the fries, he was hoping to move up to cashier soon.
  6. Bowles would love this scenario. Draft Barkley, run him 25 times a game, have McCown throw 15-20 passes a game. Boom!

    Sounds complicated, with Toilet and his stooge Rodgers in charge I see a lot of 12 men on the field penalties happening.
  8. Nope....

    Let the buttfumbles begin
  9. Do we get a comp pick for this scrubeeny if we let him walk?
  10. Oh no! How are we going to replace a TE that averages 7ypc and drops as many touchdowns as he catches!!!

    Perfect, maybe by then hack will be ready to see the field!
  12. Richard Sherman ??

    An overrated, overpaid, loudmouth, coming off an Achilles injury?!?
  13. Darron Lee wants new uniforms

    Maybe he has this in mind?
  14. I'm thinking similar. I'd spread that 30mill over several players instead of spending it all on one player. 30mill can get 5-6 good to solid players alone.