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  1. Barkus

    Jets signed Upshaw

    Yeah, but so does this guy
  2. Barkus

    Hackenberg visiting the Pats

    Surprised the texans weren't the first team he would visit. Considering the Bill O' Brien connection and Watson's injury.
  3. Fowler would be an interesting signing. Let's see how he plays this season. Ray is a head case, would consider him him on a one year low cost deal, maybe.
  4. Christian Hackenberg visiting the Patriots Posted by Michael David Smith on June 14, 2018, 3:43 PM EDT Getty Images Christian Hackenberg was a draft bust with the Jets, but could he have a future with the Patriots? Hackenberg, who cleared waivers yesterday after the Raiders cut him, was at the Patriots’ facility today, according to Field Yates of ESPN. A quarterback who showed promise early in his college career at Penn State, Hackenberg was a surprising second-round pick of the Jets last year who never got on the field in two years with the team. He lasted just three weeks with the Raiders. But Patriots coach Bill Belichick apparently sees enough in Hackenberg that he’d like to take a look. With Tom Brady about to turn 41, the Patriots wouldn’t mind having a young quarterback they could develop. This year’s seventh-round pick, Danny Etling, may be that young quarterback, but perhaps Hackenberg will get an opportunity to compete in training camp as well. And every Jets fan has to be just a little bit fearful that Hackenberg will become the heir apparent to Tom Brady, and will torment the Jets for years to come.
  5. Barkus

    Jets minicamp - Day 1

    loving the reports on the QBs, training camp should be fun to follow. Remember this time time last year? The reports were on how many reporters hack was hitting with his passes and how many worms petty killed with his off the mark throws. It will be refreshing to see some real QB play.
  6. more like he has earned 3 million per torn ACL
  7. Barkus

    NY Jets Trade Christian Hackenberg

    I guess Teddy looked good enough that they felt confident dumping the hackster. I'm thinking they keep these 3 qbs all year. Unless Darnold looks amazing and challenges for the starting job.
  8. Barkus

    NY Jets Trade Christian Hackenberg

    gruden did like him on that QB show he did. oh well, see ya hack!
  9. Barkus

    Jets OTA’s Day 1

    Teddy looks really good in these clips. Moving around fine and his passes are right on point. Hack threw behind the RB on the swing pass drill, he might be cut before training camp starts.
  10. Hack is so far off bowles’ radar that when he was told hack changed his throwing motion he was like:
  11. Barkus

    Petty Cut

    good, the games were unwatchable when he played in the regular season. Now the question is will the team go into the season with 4qbs? or will hack or teddy be cut??
  12. This was not considered a deep OL draft from what I have read and the DL was in much worse shape for us. Don't forget dozier was resigned and he played decently when given the opportunity, he may push for a larger role this season. We have decent depth OL this yr, plus we added some UDFA from auburn who have potential. Prior to the draft, the DL was a wasteland. It was Leonard Williams, Mcclendon and a bunch of scrubs. At least now with shepherd and the dude from uconn we have some more live bodies to go with deon simon, claude pelon and xavier cooper. OL is projected to be deeper next draft, so I would think we get some guys then, plus there is always FA.
  13. Barkus

    Shepherd & Fatukasi

    I posted this in the draft thread, but they interviewed romeo crennel during the senior bowl and he was asked what players impressed him and the first player he mentioned was shepherd. Another poster noted phil savage raved about shepherd during senior bowl week. (he pulled his hamstring so did not play in the game). I think this guy will show us something, I am eager to see him in action.