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  1. Disagree. He did say he learned how important a coaching staff was and learned not to rush that process. Loggains is just his glorified coffee guy, he won't call plays. He went out and hired Gregg Williams a well respected and vocal DC, kept Brant Boyer who was excellent for us, got a respected o-line coach from cinci, and kept denard wilson who worked with Gregg Williams and trumaine johnson in the past. This is actually shaping up to be an excellent coaching staff. I wouldn't be surprised if Kevin Greene stays too although I would suspect Williams will bring his son Blake who was LB coach and then DC for williams in Cleveland.
  2. Brady gets rid of the ball 2.5 seconds or less almost every time. He is surgical out there. Bosa was miked up in the playoff game and it had him saying on the sideline that he can't believe how fast he gets rid of the ball. There is also a funny clip of him yelling at Brady to stop throwing the ball so quickly 😄
  3. Barkus

    Darnolds two worst games in 2018

    Gase talked about facing Darnold the second in time in if his interviews. He was very impressed with Darnold after facing him the first time. In the first game they were focusing on running out the clock at the end of the game because they were worried if they gave the ball back to Sam he might score again. in the second game they completely changed all their defensive coverages so Darnold would be unfamiliar with the defensive looks. Miami had extra time to prepare because they were coming off a Thursday game. Bates the moron was probably clueless which contributed to the offense looking terrible that day.
  4. He is a FA and I believe he will be coming from a 4-3 defense in a Minnesota. He has turned into a push the pocket guy, not a big play guy. Still useful for the right price.
  5. I think it is overlooked that Gase’s only year with a healthy Tannehill he won 10 games and made the playoffs. Tannehill missed all of 2017 and Gase had an over the hill and disinterested cutler who promptly retired at the end of the season. In 2018 Tannehill was hurt again and he had to win with Brock Osweiler.
  6. Hmmm, joe benigno and his ilk are up in arms over Gase hiring. Nfl people and players who were coached by Gase, including hall of famers and pro bowlers are singing his praises. Who has more credibility????
  7. He worked under Martz. He helped Tebow be semi productive somehow. When he was with an over the hill manning, manning threw 55!! Touchdowns in a season. Cutler had a career yr with him. Tannehill had a 92 qb rating under his tutelage. I’m intrigued pairing him with Darnold. I’m cautiously optimistic.
  8. Doubtful. I don’t think a sub 6 foot Qb with a baseball contract will go in the top 3.
  9. Gase was definitely not my number one choice either. But the prev coaching staff was so awful it will be easy to improve on it. Get a good draft pick or 2, some solid FA, 2nd yr of darnold, better coaches. I could very much see this team winning 9-10 games next yr.
  10. any of these 3 would be a tremendous upgrade over that doofus Kacey Garbage. At the very least we are going to have a much better coaching staff next year. We are going to have a legit offensive mind in charge (say what you want about Gase but he made tebow semi-productive, got record breaking seasons out of an over the hill Manning, and made Tannehill an average nfl qb). Plus he was 5-1 vs toilet and beat him with Matt Moore and Brock as his QBs. It will be nice to have a legit DC. These guys are all proven and have had success in the league.
  11. I didn't think of that. I haven't seen any chatter about buyout issues/numbers though.
  12. McCarthy is going to want big money and probably some say over personnel. That could be the issue. The Johnsons don’t usually put their hc at top of pay scale and Mac is probably not eager to give up any power. Rhule will be cheaper and Macc will be able to keep control.
  13. meh, if McCcarthy comes in and we start routinely winning 10+ games a yr, with some division titles, some playoff wins and god-willing a super bowl win I don't care who is on his staff. He is a proven NFL HC and knows what he is doing. If he somehow sucks which I highly doubt, he'll be fired in a few years like all other jet coaches before him.
  14. yep, addition by subtraction.
  15. Barkus

    Just hire McCarthy already

    agreed, people are whining they don't want a HC with 13yrs of nfl experience, .600+ winning pct, 4 NFC conference championship games and a super bowl ring?? WTF?? We had to watch Toilet Bowles for the last 4yrs for christ sakes!! cmon people!!

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