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  1. Barkus

    Jerry Reese

    To satisfy Rooney rule? Sure.
  2. Barkus

    Gase not done yet: Adds WR Deonte Thompson

    I read Gase specifically wanted Bellamy, that would be only reason I think he will make team. However Gase is possibly a psycho nut job so he could always change his mind 😃
  3. This is a summary from Tony Pauline over a few podcasts I’ve heard him on. We have heard most of this stuff but there are some little details I thought were interesting. side note: Pauline is a jets fan and season ticket holder Discord between Gase and Mac started almost immediately. Pauline was hearing about problems while he was at the senior bowl. In beginning of FA Gase preferred tevin Coleman. He felt he fit his offense better than bell. Pauline heard early on in FA from Bell’s camp that jets were showing little interest in Bell. Gase really wanted Paradis. Paradis was actually in NY for an NFL function and and he and his agent were expecting a contract offer from the jets and there were planning going to Florham park but Jets never even offered a contract. Gase wanted fells at TE because he felt he would be a good fit for his offense and the locker room. Mac said no. Pauline said Mac philosophy was no big money for centers or TE. Positions for big money were offensive skill players and defense. Prior to draft Mac, gase, and a team employee had dinner together to smooth things over. But things blew up again around draft time. The Barr fiasco really hurt the jets. They missed out on other pass rushers because of that. After the Barr fiasco they really amped up pursuit of Bell against Gase wishes. Pauline does not think Joe Douglas is done deal. Eagles will try very hard to keep him.
  4. Barkus

    Rumor: Peyton Manning To The Jets?

    Not as gm, maybe as president of football operations or executive Vp. Let’s get a real GM please.
  5. Barkus

    Rumor: Peyton Manning To The Jets?

    Getty Images Jets CEO and chairman Christopher Johnson wants a “great strategic thinker” to run the football operation. He needs someone who can work with coach Adam Gase. And at the intersection possibly resides one and only one name. Peyton Manning. Rumors are flying within league circles that the Jets may make a run at the future Hall of Fame quarterback who has periodically been linked to NFL management possibilities. And Gase, who worked with Manning in Denver, possibly would be one of the few guys who could draw Manning back into football. Manning wouldn’t be a traditional G.M., but Johnson has made it clear that he’s not looking for a traditional G.M. “It’s more than a talent-evaluation guy,” Johnson said Wednesday. “I want a great manager, a communicator, who can collaborate well with the building. I’m convinced we’re going to find that person.” Manning definitely would be that person. But it’s unknown whether Manning would be interested in being that person. If he is, it would fulfill a match more than 20 years in the making; in 1997, Manning supposedly would have left Tennessee early if he had an assurance that the Jets would make him the first overall pick in the draft. Getting Manning also would go a long way toward removing the current stink of dysfunction enveloping the Jets, even if that stink is more than a little overblown.
  6. McGovern was drafted by the cowboys not Denver.
  7. I totally forgot about Arnold being the booth, he said he is a jets fan and the dolphins need to be terminated 😀
  8. 8pm tonight the monday night miracle jets-dolphins game on NFL Network.
  9. Barkus

    Cimini podcast

    I’m pretty sure he is a jets fan, in fact I think he said somewhere he is a season ticket holder. That makes sense as most of the jets fans that post here hate the jets and Maccagnan.
  10. He is not worth 10mil obviously. Will see if he is on the roster on opening day. He has some value as a sub-package LB, let’s see how Williams plans to use him.
  11. Barkus

    Gase Forcing Macc Out

    Yes, rumors were there prior to draft night. Darnold was the last player the jets met with at the facility, I believe. It was only a week or so before the draft. That is when they thought there would be an outside chance Darnold would be available to them.
  12. Barkus

    Mo Claiborne

    Claiborne looked like he lost a step last yr. I’d consider for a cheap 1yr deal, not sure he is starting material anymore, plus he is another year older.
  13. Edoga played LT in the senior bowl and played well for whatever that is worth.
  14. Barkus

    Grade the draft

    I’m fine with the first 3 picks. They could all be starters within 2 yrs I think. The blocking TE will probably be useful but I did not like him in the 4th round. An undersized, unathletic, LB with multiple shoulder surgeries and a DB with 2 ACL tears and 5 games played in 2 yrs is awful. Not sure if either of them would have been drafted at all honestly. Replace those 2 guys with a C/G and a WR and this draft would have a whole different vibe I believe.
  15. Benny snell, m. Jordan, Harmon, Ridley all on the board and we pick a blocking TE wtf!!! UDFA can do the same thing!!

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