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  1. Jet should draft 2 edge guys, can’t depend on Lawson.
  2. The GM and judge must go if they are serious about fixing things. Unless they let judge have a significant say in the GM , which would still be a mistake IMO
  3. Stingley would have to be considered but would strongly prefer trade down.
  4. Props to feeney, he held up ok as backup center. Maybe bring him back?? Shout out to yeboah, he made two very tough catches. No way our other TE can make those catches. Could be a useful piece.
  5. Don’t be disingenuous. It was considered a shock that mac was fired right after the draft. Anything else is revisionist history.
  6. Move becTON to RT he is a better fit there. Fant has played fairly well at LT.
  7. Just like when he was the only one saying mac was going to be fired?
  8. I went to a prep school too, detentions were also called JUGs. I never realized it was a universal Jesuit thing!
  9. Seriously, jets went from one of the best teams vs the run to the worst. Frustrating.
  10. I look the same way when watching Wilson throw 5 yd passes into the ground.
  11. Makes sense since he was really a track guy that walked on to the football team. Not sure why JD would spend a 3rd round pick on a project who just started playing football but here we are.
  12. He has had two drafts, the first one likely had strong influence from Gase. The second one looks pretty good. How about we give him one more draft?
  13. Wilson was horrible and alarmingly bad vs the saints but just 1 week prior he was 12\14 with 2 td in the first the first half vs philly. I think it is a bit early to say he is irrevocably broken. I agree he should have legit competition next year though.
  14. I think it should not be overlooked that the 2020 draft was JD’s first and I would bet Gase had some fairly significant input in that draft. Especially considering Gase was the driving force to bring in JD in the first place.
  15. What is John Beck doing? Zach cant’t throw a 5 yd pass, isn’t that the main reason Beck Is here? To make sure his mechanics are consistent? Very troublesome that our top draft pick cannot make throws a 10 yr old pop Warner qb can do
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