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  1. Lawson and some other DL doing suicides at END of practice. He looks great
  2. Lawson had some pressures, huff with sack. Tanzel Smart blew up 2 plays
  3. Greg the leg with 56ydr down the middle
  4. Yeboah with big gainer. He is with 2nd team. Pass from Flacco. Was wide open but showed good burst down the field.
  5. 20yd run by breece hall around L end. He looks REALLY good.
  6. Zack throws dangerous pass to Moore vs double coverage. Hit Moore in hands and he dropped it. 20ydr
  7. I was at he scrimmage last year. Wilson looks WAY better this year. Very noticeable.
  8. Drive by zack ends but 3rd down play was a catch by berrios and ruled incomplete.
  9. Smith dropped a wide open 20ydr, was a wobbly duck though from zack
  10. Perrine sighting! 4yd run up the middle TD
  11. Mims! Big gainer over the middle from Flacco
  12. Great drive by zack. On point, no incompletions. TD Conklin over the middle.
  13. Barely, usually only on days with post-practice bbq
  14. nope, he likely won't make weight and they will likely say something to the effect of "we want to work him in slowly"
  15. The opening of training camp will be interesting. Will Jets even let him on the field if he is still 390 plus?? What if he cannot pass the conditioning test??
  16. Did I miss something? Year 2 of Zach has not started yet. If he plays this year like last year, then I 100% agree we have a huge problem. However, the updates from today’s practice are encouraging as he seems to be making throws all over he place!
  17. Jeff Smith really showing up here. If hall keeps this up, sauce will be starter by the start of training camp.
  18. That is the exception not the rule. Mahomes sat for a year before he started, burrow was older and won a national championship in college, Lamar is an amazing athlete whose running changes the game, Herbert is just a freak and I have no explanation
  19. This is how you build a young qb. He has to learn to run the offense and do the basics well before he can run around and do the crazy things. The pats did the same with Brady when he started, that they are doing with Mac.
  20. Good player, not a great player so far. I would not sign him to big money. If he plays really well would franchise him when the time comes. Otherwise, trade/let him walk and replace with draft pick (probably first rounder)
  21. Ok so underthrown wobbly deep ball that would be picked in a game ... thanks for sharing. I think he called for a fair catch!
  22. Whitehead should be a big addition to the run defense. He is a solid tackler and a real good player. He should help cut down on those screens and long runs through the secondary.
  23. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/leaked-cowboys-draft-board-shows-division-rival-giants-got-top-two-players-in-draft/ interesting info Garret Wilson rated #4 overall per the cowboys board. Gardner 5, breece hall 19, JJ 26
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