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  1. Columbus Day weekend, will strongly consider going.
  2. Barkus

    Pick 34?

    Would love to get back into the 3rd round. That is where I would look for another guard ideally or maybe cornerback. Use the second round pick on a playmaker.
  3. I would like a playmaker in round 2 either offense or defense. Javonte Williams, JOK, ojulari, etc. Maybe use a 4th and 6th to get into 3rd round to get another guard like Trey smith, maybe even Quinn meinerz, etc.
  4. I don’t think he will be traded. Why take a 6million cap hit to have him play for someone else? He will likely be cut after the season. If he shows he remembers how to play football again they might bring him back with a paycut. Even if he is the second coming of mike singletary nobody is paying him 17million in 2022.
  5. RB is one position where a good player can impact the team right away. Not sure about taking one in first round, but second would be ok. Especially if somehow Najee Harris is there in round 2 (doubtful). Javonte Williams will be there I think.
  6. He looked like Darnold for most of the game. Keep in mind this is as a 20yr old sophomore coming off shoulder surgery. He got in a groove toward the end and made some nice throws. I love the quick release, accuracy, and quiet feet on the slants. That will play in the NFL.
  7. Darnold in College had issues with turnovers and poor deep ball accuracy. Wilson does not have turnover issues and excellent deep ball accuracy. Darnold was a late starter to the qb position. Wilson has bee training to be a qb his whole life and is considered to be very studious and reviews film constantly. interestingly Darnold did not have injury history in college but he has never played a full season in 3 yrs. Wilson has already had multiple surgeries.
  8. His claim to fame last year was committing a special teams penalty on the opening kickoff of the season. It was all downhill from there.
  9. He is a talent for sure. Has had some significant concussion issues in the past which is concerning.
  10. For sure, it’s always about the money. The are hiding behind the Covid exucse. Pathetic.
  11. A lot of people overlook that Williams had SIX sacks over 2 games last year (cowboys and eagles games). I don’t see him getting 10+ sacks this coming season.
  12. I like Farley but he has had 2 back surgeries and opted out last year. Not sure Jets are in position to risk a first round pick on him. I might consider newsome or definitely horn if he fell to 23.
  13. Actually I read a quote from him saying he is fully vaccinated and looking forward to the season. https://www.google.com/amp/s/profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/04/08/after-opting-out-in-2020-c-j-mosley-gets-his-vaccine-and-urges-everyone-to-do-so/amp/
  14. Likely just “due diligence.” Hypothetically if niners absolutely love Wilson maybe JD can squeeze a pick or 2 out of them to go to 3 and get Fields while niners get Wilson at 2.
  15. Agree. We have the 2nd pick right now and did have to trade up for it. Get the QB now. Maybe sign a veteran to get his ass beat up and then use the firsts and 2 seconds to continue to build up the team next year.
  16. No but he can rush the passer
  17. Great stuff PK. That 30yd TD throw on a rope vs USC is an NFL Throw. That is a very tight window he put it in. I think the injury concerns are a bit overblown. Zach is about average size for an NFL qb. Very similar build to Aaron Rodgers, deshaun Watson, derek Carr. Darnold has a bigger build and no injury history in college but was injured and missed games every single year in the NFL. Some of it comes down to pocket awareness and knowing when to throw the ball away.
  18. Saleh plays mostly zone. Get a killer pass rush and you don’t need super athletes to play corner.
  19. You would think it should be easy to coach a qb to throw the ball away instead of running out of bounds behind the line of scrimmage. But Sam did it multiple times. Even Geno corrected that mistake. Is it coaching that Sam was still throwing into triple coverage in year 3? Sam did not get good coaching but some blame must fall on his shoulders too. If he had played better he’d still be here because Jets would not have a top 5 pick this yr.
  20. Aaron Rodgers is an aloof weirdo but smart as hell. He still puts up numbers and wins games.
  21. This write up makes no sense. He states Wilson has excellent pocket poise and presence, smart and processes quickly. Then he states he has a weak arm and he would not even draft him??? We have seen throws on tape 60yds downfield on a line. I have not seen anywhere anybody questioning his arm strength. Maybe he was studying tape from when he had a torn labrum??? He also says Trevor Lawrence will bust BTW
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