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  1. Looking at this tape and watching him blow up Duke Johnson twice was fun also like the energy. Thats why I sit on a computer and Mac is in the war room. The Jets may have something here. He looks like Calvin Pace before he got busted for PEDS.
  2. Duke and Coleman can they be 3 down players. ? I think Ajayi can.
  3. Ok Duke, Strong and Ajayi should be there. I have my fingers crossed.
  4. Ok 6 picks away. Hopefully Ajayi, Johnson or Strong is still on the clock. No Petty here. Take Mannion in the 4th.
  5. Gregory is so thin framed he may get blown up by NFL tackles. Can he put on size. If the Jets have the opportunity. You have to maybe give it a shot. If not I would like Ajayi now that Ameer is off the board.
  6. What I do like is the picks are from big time programs no Sister Mary's of The Poor guys so far.
  7. I want a 3rd round RB. Hopefully Jay Ajayi or Abdullah slip. Want to see if The Jets can find a way to get back into the fifth round and grab O'leary from FSU.
  8. No they did not. More like a little bigger DJax. OK Pick. Good player fills a need. Not the BPA at that spot.
  9. They will roll with Fitz and Geno and maybe grab Grayson or Petty later on. They are looking Fowler/Ray or Beasley at 6 if they can't trade out, if they can trade out no further than 16 they will grab Gordon. The d front line is sick already and now the defensive backfield is nuts. Davis and Harris are solid. They are a pass rushing OLB away from being dominant. So if they can not find a suitor at 6, look for Fowler/Beasly or Ray to be the pick. I feel they want to trade back and add another first next year or a 2nd this year and nab the QB's best friend a 3 down back that could take it the distance on any play.
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