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  1. Get back in the 2nd or 3rd round

    St. Patty's Day is refusing to go away.
  2. Get back in the 2nd or 3rd round

    Maybe trade Williams and Enunwa while we're at it.
  3. Teddy says hi!

    Looks like he's into numerology too.
  4. Mentor-bridging a rookie QB

    Ah, the 'do you even lift?' comeback. Well played.
  5. Mentor-bridging a rookie QB

    The next time you bring anything to the conversation will the first time. ******* hyperbole queen.
  6. Mentor-bridging a rookie QB

    So a kid out of law school is the same as Johnny Cochrane. Got it.
  7. Mentor-bridging a rookie QB

    OK, since you're choosing to not argue in good faith, I'll rephrase it. When you were 18 years old would you have been able to just jump right in and do the job you're currently doing?
  8. Mentor-bridging a rookie QB

    What do you do for a living? Would just jumping right in have worked for you as well?
  9. Mentor-bridging a rookie QB

    For me its more about not having an a$$hole in a position of leadership. I'm assuming the OP has McCown in mind here. I'm fine with that signing.
  10. As a white guy arrested for it, Im kinda over that one. Just saying.
  11. More accurately... Report: Human Locked In Cage For Owning Plant
  12. I find it incredible that anyone is bitching about this. Unreal.
  13. The guy would run out of bounds for a sack instead of tossing it away. He stinks. Gimme a break.
  14. Where did it say the Jets bad mouthed him? You just made that up.
  15. Jags sign ASJ

    He was...ok I suppose. Really wanted to see what Leggett had but he was hurt all year. Hopefully he can show something this year.