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  1. Been living in Alabama for 3 years now. You know what I've learned about SEC fans? They know everything about the SEC and zero about the rest of college football.
  2. These Hindsight threads make a lot of people look stupid... And not just Macc.
  3. Jet9

    Did the NFL just jump the shark?

    Gotta love the Cool Kids on here acting like they don't understand, or just brush away, what the OP is talking about. I guess the days of McGuire/Sosa and the current state of the NBA is what they're after.
  4. Exactly. Easily the most ban-hammery site I'm on.
  5. Make all rookie deals 3 years and 86 the Franchise Tag.
  6. Jet9

    NFL Transactions

    http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/25128601/packers-trade-safety-ha-ha-clinton-dix-redskins Clinton-Dix traded to Skins for a 4th.
  7. I'll never understand the hoopla around the NFL deadline. People act like it's the NHL or MLB deadlines, it ain't.
  8. Agreed that it seems DT has lost a step. Still good stat lines the past few years though. Texans made the deal for Will Fuller going down.
  9. I don't mind the helmet logo, but it's big enough to where the straps block it out a good amount. Good effort though.
  10. Yeah something tells me they aren't letting football people make marketing decisions.
  11. Jet9

    Fun fact

    Punt Return Yards = Good Kickoff Return Yards = Bad
  12. The games are fun but waaay too expensive. I know it's the internet, and everyone on it makes 6 figures plus. But I personally find the prices, outside of the tickets, to be completely out of whack. Add to that the traffic, and just better everything when it comes to HD TV and watching it at home or a friend's house and it's a losing financial move to go to the game.
  13. Glass? Not when I had season tickets in 12.

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