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  1. Hadn't watched in forever myself. Have watched a little AEW lately though. I did do the free month of WWE Network in March. Was totally worth it for the 'Monday Night Wars' series alone.
  2. I don't see how he can stay healthy. How often does an injury prone college QB stay healthy as a pro?
  3. When I think NY Sports I think all of the teams in the big 4 sports in our metro region. Where are the Devils? This is coming from a Ranger fan.
  4. What I've learned in this thread: some of you play entirely too much Madden.
  5. Im just resigned to the fact that the refs are incompetent and/or on the take.
  6. Yep. 'Served his time', 'Second chances'. Blah blah blah. F that guy.
  7. I realize you like to argue about anything simply for the sake of it, but how is it not the same? It's literally the exact same situation and narrative.

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