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  1. Is this like George threatening to move the Yankees to NJ?
  2. Apparently we think alike, lol.
  3. Doesn't an All-Pro selection sh*t all over a Pro Bowl selection anyway?
  4. Showcase as in sprinting contests and the like? What could go wrong? I know you don't see injuries in the NHL and NBA All Star weekends but in this scenario some (most) guys would have not been playing anything for weeks. Also, how many different ways can we see how accurate a QB is? Not trying to be a curmudgeon but just eliminate it. Pro Bowl sucks.
  5. Anyone watching the CGY/EDM game? These referees are absolutely awful at their jobs. Either on the take or total incompetence. Those are your choices.
  6. 2022 is the stupidest timeline ever. And no, not because of The Onion.
  7. I missed last night because I had to work. But Game 1 was the very definition of playing to not lose.
  8. I'm a bartender. You're a trooper. Nothing easy about that gig.
  9. Damn, that's before my time. I had Sam Goody and Wall to Wall Sound and Video at the Rockaway mall. Is Vintage Vinyl still a thing? That place was awesome.
  10. Just got an email from FITE for a hockey fights PPV. Interesting.
  11. There's no gray area with the analytics crowd either. For instance it will be something where they spew out the numbers but don't comment on the fact that the current closer can't stop a nose bleed. I see it in sports betting all the time. There's no nuance. And then you hear them talk about tweaking their 'model'. They're trying to talk straight math in regards to human beings.
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