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  1. If you download the new rosters on Madden 17 Sam Darnold is a 96.
  2. Jet9

    Oakland Raiders release Hackenberg

    Yes, Las Vegas is a fantastic place for Manziel.
  3. These are fair questions for the anti-Bowels crowd. That said, he's waaaay too conservative. I understand 'wepinz' and all that. Just saying, that's my issue with him.
  4. Im sure the NFLPA and the League do their best to teach these guys. However, this really seems to affect NFL athletes the most. I know there's more players available to screw up , non guaranteed contracts, etc... Still, this seems to be a big NFL issue. I remember watching the 30 for 30 'Broke' and it was mostly football guys if Im remembering correctly. Dont think there was one baseball or hockey guy. And the one NBA guy that stood out was Jamal Mashburn who did REALLY well for himself. Wiki says he owns 37 Outbacks and 34 Papa John's plus sone horses or something.
  5. Jet9

    Updated Roster June 6

  6. I mean, I had to cut him in Madden, so yeah, maybe.
  7. Im from Rockaway. Not sure where he was heading to or from at that hour since bars out that way close at 2.
  8. LBs and DL worry me some. And as @Philc1 said, Darnold and Johnson alone are upgrades, especially in this passing league.
  9. Jet9

    It's officially over for TB

    I actually like the Tampa Bay area
  10. Jet9

    It's officially over for TB

    Those are my real life initials...
  11. Red meat is still tough for me to kick. But I did something sort of similar and lost about 20 lbs in a few months. Im short, only 5' 7" but with a wider frame, think Hockey player/ wrestler type body. I cut out sugars and processed crap. Going (mostly) gluten free helped out a lot too, but one needs to be careful of the processed GF stuff. I guess my 'cheat' is a beer here or there but because Im so hard core about the rest of my meals a beer or 2 doesn't hurt much. I moved to the Gulf Shores area of Alabama a few years ago and being allergic to crustaceans (started at age 20) means I basically MUST stay away from all fried food because that stuff is everywhere down here and at every restaurant. I also work at a restaurant with a ton if seafood but my manager meal is usually the garden salad with chicken or the 6oz lunch NY strip with carrots. Anyway, cutting out breads, sugars, and processed stuff worked wonders. ETA: Im 5 lbs off of my HS hockey weight of 165.
  12. Jet9

    Joe Namath turning 75 on Thursday

    Also Bryce Petty...and me. I kinda just ruined May 31st for you didn't I?
  13. My point was that the rules are very different from say, Montana's era. There's too many variables, especially in football, to say one guy is the best ever.
  14. How about expanding rosters and allowing teams to, ya know, practice? Until then...
  15. As much as I didnt care for Lemieux, he was awesome. He also missed time with cancer and was also a regular smoker. Jagr is another one. He's #2 in a lot of categories and missed 3 years playing in Russia, a locked out season, and 2 half lockout seasons, so 5 seasons worth of no NHL games in his prime. He also played a good chunk of his career in the hook n hold era. Ted Williams is another one to consider when it comes to lost playing time as well (WWII).