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  1. Ryan Shazier

    I'm so on the fence about guaranteed contracts. I really dont know what the answer is.
  2. Ryan Shazier

    Its the defensive equivalent of ball carriers not holding the ball to their bodies. It's sloppy football.
  3. If the league wakes up and tweaks the CBA to allow weed, then sure. Until then, no thanks.
  4. Ryan Shazier

    I'm 38 and played football in HS (along with hockey) and something must have happened in HS football in my 20's where they stopped teaching propper tackling techniques. DBs, IMO, are the best (or worst) example. These guys basically throw thier head and collarbone at a guys knees and feet. Thats not a tackle. ETA: a lot of LBs don't wrap up either.
  5. Jon Gruden or Brian Billick? Their records are so similar.
  6. Was that Gruden ad supposed to be funny or so bad that I remember it so they can sell some Coronas?
  7. God damn I hate when teams do that 2 yard pass sh*t when they need 15+
  8. I agree, I dont like roofs in football either. They spent a billion dollars on a stadium that is not worth a billion dollars. What does money have to do with it? Check your PSL and beer prices.
  9. Well it IS North Jersey and the Unio....oh wait, I forgot, no talking Stadiums here.
  10. I didnt watch one NFL play last week. A few years ago I would have felt bad about that.
  11. The only difference is they get paid more now. Very few of these guys are getting an 'education'.