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  1. Sorry if this was already posted. Thought it needed it's own thread.
  2. I don't live in the NYC area anymore. But doesn't everyone up there, all yous included, know fans of all kinds of different teams? I sure did when I was there. There ARE fans of other teams there. Quoting the 19 million population number wouldn't there HAVE to be? And some teams really DO have some good fanbases. And yes, tickets are put up on StubHub. A Jets fan might go on really close to game day to see what's available. Meanwhile, an opposing fan living in the area was on top of that the minute they heard their team was coming to town that season. In other words, they ARE selling to locals.
  3. Eh. Went to Giants Stadium a bunch of times as a youngen, be it Jets, Giants, Jets AND Giants, or WLAF (Yup). Went to MetLife a few times in the first 2 years and also had season tickets for the first and only time in 2012. Sorry, kid was born in '13. All that said, and maybe it's nostalgia from my youth, but MetLife is a freaking warehouse, period. Gray is an excellent way to describe it. Not to mention $12 beers and jacked up food prices (probably more now), potentially sh*tty weather any time of the season inside October, tolls, parking, girlfriend or wife can't bring her bag in with her in the name of 'safety' (Bullsh*t), but it's all so they don't miss out on a $6 box of M&M's, I could go on.
  4. Do you have any idea how tough you have to be to take the beating a running back takes and then go line up as WR in the same game? These types of hybrid guys are animals.
  5. Do any of you guys have Sirius? Francesa really isn't that bad. I love Mad Dog's show and Danny Kanell and Steve Torre behind him in the early afternoon, when I can catch them. Outside of that, it's a TON of NBA, and politics from the hosts inserted on the sly.
  6. In football, and in real life sometimes, there's such a thing as a good problem to have. I just hope our offense is aggressive. I finally think we have some real talent on O. So tired of up-the-middle, up-the-middle, short pass, punt.
  7. Some stuff was pretty bad. Hack, O-line, Fitz 2nd time around. Trumaine Johnson deal looks pretty bad but let's see what Williams can do. I think you need to look at Macc's tenure here not forgetting who the coach was. Both sucked overall even though I wanted to like both of them. Maybe they helped bring each other down, I don't know. All I DO know is that Bowels was pretty awful too. I had a long leash. I gave up on Bowels early last season and Macc after the draft this year. I'm a softie apparently. First year he really DID have to spend money because of the cap floor rule. Gotta be somewhat fair on that even though some will tell me to kick rocks. I thought he was pretty good about being able to get out of a potential bad FA deal by year 3 it seemed, usually. Of course now we have the TJ deal, so maybe I'm busted. Drafts were pretty meh outside of a few players, really. I'm always one for potentially trading back if you're sitting in a top 5-10 spot. Apparently Macc wasn't. If the Kamara stuff is true it's bad as well. He was overly conservative, IMO. One can argue to death the 'what ifs' about who we could have possibly ended up with in the '18 draft being that we were still at #3 and not #1 after the trade. Whatever man. We have Sam Darnold. He gets credit there It's really not healthy to be salty about every God damn thing.
  8. 100%. We're all just Monday Morning QB'ing here, for better or worse. But I agree, there's a lot of BS going in here with the 'I knew he'd be awesome' crowd.
  9. I really don't get the buzz on this kid. Mayfield/Oklahoma/Heisman, ok, great. I get all that. Just not seeing it with Murray. I still don't love Trubisky but I'll admit I was wrong about him. He's better than I initially gave him credit for. Maybe I'm wrong on Murray too.
  10. Does anyone recall the Johnson's chiming in on this subject over the years? Seriously asking, I don't know.
  11. My dad was there 67-68. Thank you for everything, and for sharing.
  12. I don't know, I think in most sports it's ok to look at a rookie season and overall have a glass is half full attitude if it was generally average, maybe even mediocre, but finished on the upswing. JMO. Now if we're talking year 3 or something, sure. I think in Sam's case it's ok to be optimistic, even if cautiously.
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