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  1. Glass? Not when I had season tickets in 12.
  2. Hockey has done the black jersey thing to death. As an accent, fine. As a primary color? No thanks.
  3. Jet9

    PFF studs and duds through week 6

    ANNNND.....it seems like he'll regret actually PAYING Trumaine Johnson, no? The only answer to this is one-year deals for every player all the time on every team, and we know that's not happening.
  4. How did a beer bottle get in the stands since they don't sell beer bottles at stadiums? Sounds like a security issue at the front gate. But remember people: CLEAR BAGS ONLY!!!
  5. So a few knuckleheads means drop the ban hammer on everyone? Come on, man. And I'm sure we have all seen instances of idiots at games. There's a massive majority who can hold their booze though.
  6. 1-3. The playcalling is for sh*t.
  7. One of my favorites. I also love how a late 1st rounder is really a 2nd. Or is it an early 2nd is really a 1st? I can't keep up.
  8. Jet9

    This Team Doesn't Have a Plan

    Dolan DID hire Phil Jackson, to be fair.
  9. Jet9

    This Team Doesn't Have a Plan

    You WANT an owner that meddles? You can have Jerry Jones or you can have Woody Johnson. There aren't many in-betweens.
  10. Jet9

    In depth article on Samchez

    No hes the biggest contrarian.
  11. Nah, he called it like it is. When Chris Johnson gave his take on kneeling that sh*t lasted 4 pages here.
  12. Dont care if they're women. I guess the color analyst part is where I have questions. Being in the actual game as a player or coach in the past seems like a prerequisite, I dont know maybe not. Jessica Mendoza I think is overrated as all hell and she played softball. She has major Gruden-itis IMO. Yet, I actually like Suzyn Waldman and most cant stand her, so what do I know?
  13. Jet9

    What Was Josh Gordon High on Last Night?

    Well, this part sure seems to be true.
  14. For sticking around this long, maybe.
  15. Jet9


    The tag should only be able to be used once. After that make it some kind of 5 year guarantee or something. I have a bigger problem with guys holding out on the last part of deals they signed willingly.

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