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  1. It was a terrible call to try and win the game there no matter what the jackasses at ESPN tell you. Hope it ****s up their playoff seeding.
  2. I dabble in sports betting, nothing crazy. Haven't bet nearly what I normally do on NFL this year because I really am starting to think the fix is in. Last night's ending to the LA/SF MLB game was a joke too. And there are zero repercussions in any leagues, EVER. That fact just drives home that I think it's fixed. Edit: AEW sh*ts all over the NFL. Yes I'm being serious.
  3. Got a text from my Eagles fan boss. It said 'Thank God for Sam Darnold'.
  4. I am not opposed to analytics, not at all. But the respect that site gets for what is clear to me a very flawed system, is nuts. But also, and I see this in sports betting, is people who are ONLY about that stuff. The human element is ignored. JMO.
  5. 'This coach, who has a sciatic nerve, bought dinner for all his student athletes. Let's talk about how this affects elections...' I just saved you money.
  6. I agree. I'm 42, totally a part of that generation. NHL, NFL, MLB, NBA Jam (I'm old) video games, yep I get it. That said, Mike Vick was rated a 99 at one time and everyone lost their sh*t thinking he was the greatest QB ever. He wasn't. Not even close. Not the best QB of his era even. Guy was good for SportsCenter highlights if we're being honest. I think PFF's whole deal is to make humans who play football into Madden players and in real life it's just BS. There's SO many variables. I remember Kyle Wilson being rated super high by them. 'Well, if you look at his 2nd and short sn
  7. I feel that sometimes it gets so in depth that it becomes nonsense.
  8. My issue with PFF, and all the recent-ish analytical stuff in sports in general, is that they're putting rating numbers on human beings. They're a good tool sometimes in regards to sports betting or just who's the better team, etc. It's not always that simple though. Just my late night opinion.
  9. Sounds about right and definitely going to keep me away from betting it.
  10. Be careful around Slippery Pete, please. Some think he's The Lopper.
  11. Oh for sure. But sh*t like sacking your own self? Nah. Can't stand when the IQ goes to zero.
  12. 0 is not a number in regards to seconds. Wish the refs knew that.
  13. The refs are the reason this game is still going on. Pathetic group of people.
  14. I see we're 'playing good D and keeping it close' on our way to an inevitable 20-0 deficit.
  15. We've missed the playoffs for 10 years and prices sure as sh*t aren't going down. The Jets get no more excuses.
  16. Illegal contact, lol. Can we stop pretending that this is a good league by any stretch? It's the ONLY league and it's total sh*t.
  17. Reminds me of why I've never liked anything about clubs or the 'music' that they play there. Now get the hell off my lawn.
  18. 'That movie sucked. Can't believe I spent $20 bucks on it.' 'But it's the director's first film.' **** outta here.
  19. Blown coverage by the Chiefs and your never know about it. What with jackass Colinsworth talking about Jackson's vertical. I hate these national games. They're so dumbed down.
  20. 'Have a seat' makes me not want to read the post. Just saying.
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