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  1. 1 minute ago, Maynard13 said:

    You have to be the most annoying a$$hole I've ever encountered here. And there are numerous but you take the cake.  A man is fighting for his life and all you can do is clog the board with crap. Unbelievable.

    You got here last year... apparently.  Also, I can tell you are absolutely schnockered right now. 

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  2. 9 minutes ago, Joe W. Namath said:

    Which is what any smart, multi billion dollar corporation should do.

    The NFL got it right.  They even got input from the coaches who were more personally involved and then made the decision together.

    It was a great job by all, not rushed to judgement and the right call was made.

    Just shows how miserable people really are and look for the negative in anything.  Pathetic.


    Your entire schtick here is that of one who worships authority. 

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  3. 4 minutes ago, Maynard13 said:

    Go FYS

    You're making sh*t up in your head to be pissed off about. Imagine thinking this conversation isn't because of the NFL's malfeasance. They took an hour to do what any normal person knew they should have done about 30 minutes in. They were conferring with themselves regarding their 'strategic partners'. Go to bed, retard. 

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  4. 9 minutes ago, Maynard13 said:

    Why are you talking about bets at a time like this. Just stop.

    Someone asked what happens in a situation like this because they saw pissy D-Gens talking about it on Twitter. Don't tell people what they can talk about, ever. E-points aren't a real thing, my guy. 

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  5. 5 minutes ago, Lupz27 said:

    You underestimate the disgustingness of the gambling business it’s worse then Goodell.

    I know how it works. The Knicks game the other day I disagreed with the books but it was completely in favor of the bettor. 

  6. 3 minutes ago, Lupz27 said:

    What will happen is all winning bets will be canceled first TD scorer and other settled props but all losing bets already settled on those will stand, all unsettled bets will probably be canceled.

    See I was thinking it depends on if the league restarts this game where it is score and time -wise.

  7. 6 minutes ago, JTJet said:

    No not at all. That's the point. 

    Seeing people talk about their bets on social media and all that, seems gross to me. So I was curious what Vegas does in a situation like this, and why these people cant seem to have empathy for the player instead of worry about their money. 

    If I had to guess, the D-Gens will be bigger assholes about tonight than the Books. 

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  8. 16 minutes ago, JTJet said:

    Not being funny at all, legitimately curious, what would something like this do to the gambling world for the game, if its cancelled outright or considered a tie? 

    I dont really gamble myself so I'm pretty dense on what vegas would do in this type of scenario. 

    In recent years player prop bets have been cancelled when a guy gets hurt a few minutes in. Happened the other day in a Knicks game. It's a bad precedent to be honest. Players get injured all the time. It's sports. Where exactly do you set your cutoff at?


    However, this actually IS unprecedented. Game should be graded a push/cancel. If the game is treated like baseball and continues at a later time I can see those money line/spread bets carrying over. Any props SHOULD be cancelled though. 


    Just my opinion. 

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  9. Just now, Bleedin Green said:

    I think McDermott and Taylor are going to decide what they're doing, and not give a sh*t what Goodell says either way.

    That was made clear when after the "5 minute" announcement was made, Taylor just walking straight over to McDermott, which was the exact right thing to do.

    Oh I agree, 100%. And maybe it's not the announcers' fault for having to say it but when I heard  that I'm like, Okay, **** it. Just that they DID say it is beyond cringe. 

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  10. 3 minutes ago, greenwave81 said:

    He is young and otherwise healthy...if they gave early high quality CPR and IV epinephrine to maintain some cerebral perfusion , and controlled his airway he has a chance of survival...but not a given.  Prayers for the man...

    I appreciate your view and comments on this. Looked like sternum hit if anything, no? 

  11. 19 minutes ago, JustEndTheSuffering said:

    The winter classic has been old for a few years now and the NHL putting Seattle and Vegas in it next year is the worst possible matchup I could think of. I didn’t watch a second of it this year and I definitely won’t next year. Hope that game gets terrible ratings. 

    I watched the 1st period because I had the Under 1.5 1P.  Then I switched to Mount St. Mary's/Canisius.


    I love hockey, by far my favorite sport, but I don't care for either franchise, hate Boston sports as a whole and find the outdoor games to be played out. Knew this was going to happen when the Former NBA VP, Gary Bettman, wanted to expand it. The idea of it is very cool, but these games are marketed to the non-fan. The dipsh*ts who think there's still fights all the time and everyone is Canadian. These perceptions also are the fault of the former NBA VP. Many of these types fail upwards buts he's a special case. Rob Manfred's existence saves Bettman in many ways. I also can't help but think that there's no such thing as a good seat at these things. The action is so far away from everyone and everything. 


    Anyway, didn't know about Seattle hosting a game till now. Another city whose fan base I'm not a huge fan of. These games should be special but they're only around to sell expensive tickets and alternate jerseys to people. As I was saying about the former NBA VP... pretty much the NBA business model because it's sure as sh*t not good basketball. 

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  12. 3 minutes ago, nyjets1969 said:

    The Jets destroy QBs  Wilson is a star Jones is a bust and management ruins him. You get same result Giants still in playoffs and media tearing Joe Douglas for drafting a guy from Duke. So no nothing changes.

    the  question you should ask is what happens  if Giants are own by the Johnson boys and Jets by the Maras. Then you would see the opposite result.

    This is correct. The Jets can't develop anything. Country Club nonsense in Florham Park. 

  13. Just now, jgb said:

    Jamal is a me first player! Selfish ahole!

    Jamal celebrates when his teammates win a game! Glory stealing ahole!

    Jamal may not be a good cover safety but he’s dropping blanket coverage on wounded Jets fan psyches.

    Yeah, you're taking this way too seriously. I was pointing out what a clown he is, and he is. Nothing more.


    Also, he's not a player. Players...you know, play in games. 

  14. 2 minutes ago, jgb said:

    Yes it is my belief that only babies cry about such things but hey it’s been a few decades since I was in grade school so maybe this counts as bullying these days.

    You're acting like a fan at a Metallica show should get a writing credit. That's what Jamal is. 

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