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  1. I love GTA V, still I've yet to carjack anyone in real life. Funny how that works.
  2. Maybe if you live your life by feelings. Not trying to be a dick here, but that's kind of silly. Do I need video to know Big Ben is/was a meathead rapist? Or to know Ray Lewis is a murderer? Or to know Stallworth killed a guy drinking and driving? What is it "Oh, now I REALLY KNOW what happened!!!" ? Come on. We all knew he knocked her out. HE as much as said so in his "apology".
  3. Right. Goodell did the right thing with Vick at the time. This time he screwed the pooch so to speak.
  4. Yes, yes I do. How long is the list of awful people who still play football? Not to get into comparisons, but our beloved JETS have a certified a$$hole as the backup QB and the amount of people who object is pretty low to be honest.
  5. Stop. He'll be playing by next season at the latest as long as Goodell doesnt give him some kind of 2 year ban or something. I'm still not sure what is different now that the tape is out though. We all already knew this.
  6. Not that I believe the NFL at all, but... What exactly changes now that the video is out? Didn't everyone know he socked her and knocked her out already? Goodell's "punishment" was weak before the video came out and still is after. Not sure what exactly has changed here.
  7. Not sure if anyone mentioned it yet but... Refs. My God, the refs. Phantom and ticky tack calls all over the place. I have a big fear that they want to turn the NFL into the NBA.
  8. Have you noticed a common thread among all these "firsts" reported by the media? I have. It's called "Regular People Don't Give A Rat's Ass". I don't want to get into politics, but it is what it is. Divide and Conquer is the Progs' mantra. "You're not an American. You're a gay, half Inuit, diabetic, ambidextrous American." This sh*t needs to end immediately.
  9. Hi guys. I figured this was as good a thread as any to introduce myself. I'm a lurker at GGN and up until recently at JI until I saw the whole Scout board thing. Meh. Anyway, seems like a smart group here. I look forward to posting with you.
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