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  1. Hard to argue with this. Still, I think he's an imprivemeover Rex. Better than the first timers being interviewed? I don't know.
  2. I don't feel that EJ Manuel is an 8-8/9-7 QB. AT.ALL.
  3. http://tunein.com/ Best site IMO. Great app too.
  4. He's not coming here, but those who say they don't want him are nuts. If he's released he's instantly the best qb out there...free agent or draft.
  5. Chateau Bow Wow. They had him in the punt team in practice.
  6. Powell is so very average. I don't get all the love.
  7. Bull s&#t. NY state lost 2 seats in congress in 2010 exactly because of places like Buffalo. Its a rust belt city.
  8. What's the opinion on Colt McCoy? He's a UFA this year apparently. Im personally not sold on Winston or Marriota. The 2nd round guys might be reaches. What I'm saying is I don't think there's a franchise QB this year. I don't think he's awful. Haven't seen him mentioned too much here.
  9. The media savvy thing is a weird complaint. Not counting his intro presser, how many news conferences and radio call in type things did Idzik do in 2 years? I'd be shocked if it was more than 6.
  10. Eh. Neil O'Donnell was from Madison. That local guy stuff is overrated.
  11. This 'everyone us turning down the Jets offers' is Craig Carton level sh#t stirring.
  12. He's #10 all time in rushing TDs. Agree to disagree I guess.
  13. We're really going to say Betti's isn't a HOFer? 6th all time in rushing yards. He's a HOFer.
  14. Jet9

    Cool Read

    Stopped the second I saw Matt Taibi's name. Total left wing scumbag. No thanks. PS: Bill Simmons may very well be the most overrated non athlete in the sports world.
  15. Just sign more DTs and play a 10-1 punt formation.
  16. I had season tix in 2012. Yes it was UD corner. Tix were $50/game. They (Jets salespeople) tried really hard to getus to buy PSLs leading up to week one. We held firm and thus, no PSL. The Jets proceeded to suck. And the coach 'whose players love playing for him' loved him so much they managed 4 win this year. Yeah, glad I didn't buy PSLs. PSLs MIGHT be worth it if the secondary market surges because the Jets become an elite team year in and year out. I'm not going to hold my breath. And if that actually does happen I'll gladly pay a premium price for a premium product.
  17. If I'm running any kind of business, and I do, I don't hire shoplifters. He's a bad dude. http://www.foxsports.com/college-football/story/jameis-winston-incidents-timeline-091714 What person over the age of 10 shoots squirrels with a pellet gun BTW? The only thing on there I don't think is an issue is the $ for autographs.
  18. I could actually see Washington going for a QB.
  19. LOL, crazy. In the end I graduated as a Scarlet Knight from Morris Hills (aka More Skills) in Rockaway.
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