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  1. 'Have a seat' makes me not want to read the post. Just saying.
  2. Lol, you're right. Feels like it's kind of been a minute here, no?
  3. Most ridiculous take in sports.
  4. Doesn't he have something else going on right now?
  5. 'I take the points here...' Yeah, that's why you're in the booth you goofy MF'er.
  6. Yes, exactly. However, they've been shouted down every year since '10. I'm probably guilty of it myself.
  7. This team sucks. 3 wins, max. Maybe there wouldn't be same old Jets fans if there wasn't also the same old Jets franchise every year. Nothing has changed.
  8. OP is 100% correct. Zack sacked 6 times and I'm sorry but Carolina is a sh*t team and franchise. They're bad. Terrible loss. It will be hands across America for the new regime until week 6 because that's when Jets fans usually stop acting like Ranger and Yankee fans.
  9. Ever read up on him? Pretty interesting. Also I'm not sure how much Rosen is into playing football, similar to Daigle and hockey.
  10. Hey hockey fans, remember Alexander Daigle?
  11. Mosley actually showing up, but I'm admittedly a glass is half empty kinda guy.
  12. Yes. Grew up in NJ and lived in the city from '06-'16, 9 of those years in Brooklyn. Been in Gulf Shores, AL for the past 5+ years and have little desire to go back. Miss some friends and of course the variety of food but that's....yeah, that's it.
  13. Not saying you have to love Crypto, but some people really haven't been paying attention the past 15 months or so. The dollar is sh*t.
  14. Adults killed it for me as a kid. Very shady people in that hobby.
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