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  1. Im sure they were typical MassHoles. Awful people. But 'This shall be fun', in ******* quotes? Are you kidding me? Yeah GTFOH, that didn't happen, was never said. These idiots are bad enough without making sh*t up.
  2. PFF is trash. Maybe QW is too, I don't know. PFF doesn't know either though.
  3. There's nothing wrong with Bell or his contract.
  4. Team not ready to play against a trash organization. 100% on coaches.
  5. They probably piss test for drugs, no? Also, how are you not seeing the difference here?
  6. He doesn't have a history. Weed? Gimme a break, Bell is right to be pissed about this.
  7. This issue has brought out the biggest apologists and internet tough guys in quite a while.
  8. Doubt he's being sh*tty about it if anything at all. I know Dak stuck uo for Darnold with that seeing ghost BS. Donovan McNabb needs a shot and a beer. Relax dude.
  9. I know Pouncey is getting suspended too. I just hope it's 10% of what Garrett gets. I don't even like Pouncey. But how do you not stick up for your teammate and probably friend?
  10. I think Garrett is going to get the book thrown at him for this, but fair point.
  11. Not sure how anyone can side with QE here, but whatever. May have been said already, but isn't in his OWN best interest to show up for treatment? I mean.....?
  12. Athletes don't understand where the money comes from, do they?
  13. Parents today are raising a generation of whiney assholes. It's MY generation doing the raising too.
  14. Dude, smoke a bowl and watch some South Park.
  15. Jets can't develop anyone and Lamar will have to change his style eventually, it won't last forever. That said, he was awesome this weekend.
  16. Eh, not really. What the **** am I watching? He's a POS employee. Time to go.
  17. You have a cancer you cut it out. A whole year of this will leak into next year.
  18. He sucks. The very definition of a fraud. Talk about failing upwards. This guy is the best I've ever seen in that regard.

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