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  1. Help me with my memory, it was down to Gase, Rhule, and McCarthy at the end?
  2. Silver lining to a hurricane: Not going to the bar and subjecting myself to this team. Following the score while cleaning the fridge was plenty, lol.
  3. Gase is a piece of sh*t coach. Greg Williams ain't showing me anything either.
  4. The other day Chris Russo said there were 33 HS football teams on reservations with the name. Just saying.
  5. IDK, I think the NHL has done a good job. No cases and really good playoff hockey actually.
  6. Hadn't watched in forever myself. Have watched a little AEW lately though. I did do the free month of WWE Network in March. Was totally worth it for the 'Monday Night Wars' series alone.
  7. I don't see how he can stay healthy. How often does an injury prone college QB stay healthy as a pro?
  8. When I think NY Sports I think all of the teams in the big 4 sports in our metro region. Where are the Devils? This is coming from a Ranger fan.
  9. What I've learned in this thread: some of you play entirely too much Madden.
  10. Im just resigned to the fact that the refs are incompetent and/or on the take.
  11. Yep. 'Served his time', 'Second chances'. Blah blah blah. F that guy.
  12. I realize you like to argue about anything simply for the sake of it, but how is it not the same? It's literally the exact same situation and narrative.
  13. Gase is a manipulative jerkoff who really isn't a very good football coach. The beat writers are carrying water for him too and some of you guys are eating it up. I love how the beat writers talk about how in Gase's 'system' (lol) he doesn't put high salaries on RB. When the **** did Adam Freaking Gase get the ok to buy the groceries? It's truly pathetic what the beat writers and Gase are doing.
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