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  1. Gase is a fraud. Williams looks like sh*t too. Never seen a more unprepared team.
  2. I'm 40 so I sorta remember Kotite and Coslett. Just a sh*t organization.
  3. I'm going to come in with a preemptive GFY for anyone downvoting or suggesting 'not real fan' sh*t. This team doesn't care about you, at all. Would you keep going to a restaurant with warm beer and roaches in the food? 'Oh, that burger the one time though...'
  4. No one is taking our garbage roster.
  5. Agreed. But also combined with Rex's last 4 years and Bowels' entire tenure, this franchise is a joke.
  6. For real, someone explain to me why Gase shouldn't lose his job tomorrow.
  7. Lol, ******* joke organization. My friend gave me -23 1/2 and I'm going to lose, lol. Will never get another dime off me.
  8. Trash organization. Yes, Gase needs to go, after tonight.
  9. Random disjointed thoughts.... These scenarios are straight up hockey talk and trades. You can't do 2 top 5 QBs on the same roster like you can carry, and most importantly play at the same time, 2 potential #1 centers, for instance. So 2 at the same time is out. Can't develop both. Selling a ton of players at the deadline isn't and never has been an NFL practice either. Not in the way some are suggesting. We'd be at a disadvantage on trades for the #1 anyway. Other teams would see that we can't carry 2 1st round QBs and bid low. They'd get together to work us down too.
  10. Did they ask him if he was woke or if a home run can be racist?
  11. Jets and Mets fans who hate the Giants and Yankees are weirdos. Same goes in the reverse.
  12. Been watching the YouTube channel WagerTalk TV. Yes it centers around gambling obviously but it's straight sports talk. https://www.youtube.com/user/WagerTalkTV
  13. Did you just see the PI call? This league is fake, it just is.
  14. I'm not buying into the 'wepnz' argument. He has zero creativity or even a coherent game plan.
  15. Fair enough. A bit OT but...if they don't fix the refs in the next year or so I do see a decline in ratings. With no viewers you have nothing, not that it would ever get to zero. Lots of legalized gambling now to go with all the illegal gambling that has always been there. A huge part of thier money comes in some way from gambling. If bettors don't think it's on the up and up they'll walk away. The media went right to a 'Get over it' narrative with the Saints. but that was a massive cluster#$@^ on the league's end. Saints fans have every right to carry that around with them and break it out at
  16. No one is really considering the NCAAF question seriously....are they?
  17. I do like his short comments to dumb questions like looking at the Pats already. That said, he needs to step it up, and soon.
  18. Let's Go Rangers! The Jets are a ******* disgrace. That's not hyperbole, they're disgusting. Think I'm done wasting my time and money on them.
  19. Then he's getting smarter, good. This is still not a consistent way to win football games. Colin Kaepernick played this way and then in 2 seasons the league's defenses had the book on him. That style is great for college, not the pros.
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