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  1. Then he's getting smarter, good. This is still not a consistent way to win football games. Colin Kaepernick played this way and then in 2 seasons the league's defenses had the book on him. That style is great for college, not the pros.
  2. And he ran 16 times yesterday and 147 times last year. This is not a playground. The QBs who play this style either fizzle out or have to adjust their game. History is on my side even if Madden '20 fanatics and the dopes on SportsCenter are not.
  3. You flavor of the week Lamar Jackson nutswingers are silly. You're the same people who think of you hit a HR on opening day you're going to hit 162 on the year.
  4. I remember a few kids here and there growing up who got it. They were pretty much out of school for a month.
  5. Anyways. Saying that word makes one sound like they're 12 years old. Ever seen people mix up our and are? I have. It's sad.
  6. What exactly sets Leo apart from his contemporaries? 17 sacks in 4 years? He's the very definition of Meh.
  7. Every single Jets game this year is in the Eastern time zone. This is a snowflake post. Sorry, it is.
  8. We have overrated this guy his whole time here.
  9. Saw a few plays where he was scared or unwilling to tackle. Just wanted to shove someone out of bounds. Going forward, F**k guaranteed contacts.
  10. D WAS great, you're right. Play calling on O looked the same since Rex.
  11. 4 turnovers and 6 points. Pathetic display.
  12. Personally, I thought he should have lit him up a long time ago. AB is a punk, straight up.
  13. Threatening to punch your boss shouldn't be met with a whole bunch of 'yeah, but...' and whataboutisms. Can't believe some of you are serious here.
  14. He was always banged up. Cowboys probably have more legit tape than we ever did.
  15. Sounds weird but I think some of us forgot we have Le'Veon on our roster. I know at times I had to remind myself. Going to be a great season.
  16. 6 out of 53 isn't a lot. Have any of you actually managed human beings before?
  17. Short memories on some of you. Serena is a poor sport. Approaching the lineswoman who made the call, shaking her racket and pointing, Williams said: "I'm going to shove this [expletive] ball down your [expletive] throat," according to CBSsports.com. SI.com writer S.L. Price, who was in the press tribune 15 rows away, says he heard Williams say: "You better [expletive] be right." She's a great tennis player but she sucks as a person.
  18. Aggressive on both sides of the ball. Refs call the game legit on both sides of the ball. One can dream.
  19. 31 and 28, respectively. Oh, you meant time of year. Eh, 'oh well' is all I have to say. People are people.
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